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New to rescuing.

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    Hello everyone. I have just set up a Hedgehog rescue and have 5 little beings in my care at the moment. I have spent time at a local wildlife rescue, done one of the courses at Lackford Lakes and have a good vet on board. My question is, how often should they be weighed? I’m finding that mine sometimes lose a few grams one day and put it on the next (I weigh and clean out every day). Also, what is the best thing to worm them with? I have been using Panacur. What have other people had success with? Is it better to stick to one kind of food for them or vary it? Sometimes they’ll eat one day and not the next. Sorry for all the questions but I am desperate to do my best for them and would appreciate opinions from experienced carers.


    Hi Jillian

    Welcome to the world of hogs! Your life will never be the same again…

    If you look on the vale wildlife website under the rehabillitators area there are links to charts of drugs, fluids and various other stuff of interest.

    You haven’t said above what the weights are for your 5 – are they babies or juveniles? As long as weight gain is consistant in juveniles it’s ok. Babies need to be putting on a min of 5gms per day.
    I’m going to strongly suggest that you contact the BHPS and find your nearest carer and have a chat with them.
    It is alway’s useful to have access to help and advice from someone with experience as no 2 hogs are alike and you will also find feeding needs may alter with hogs in captivity at the beginning.
    Everyone on here feeds different things – I personally use Royal Canin Puppy and small dog food and Vitalin ferret food – but this also gets added to with various cat/dog foods donated by the vets and other people. Some hogs only like wet food and I use dog pate and with some fussy eaters Natures menu until I get them onto dried food.
    Babies get kitten or puppy mousse ( Royal Canin ) and also A/D
    As for weighing them that will depend on the hogs so you really need to speak to someone on the phone and not just rely on help on this site
    Hope that helps


    By the way not all hogs need worming so unless they have a heavy burden I would leave well alone
    Routine worming of hogs is not a good thing as you can end up putting hogs into the wild again with no tolerance to their parasites


    Thanks Stef. I have all the BHPS leaflets. They sent me their carers pack. I have raised and released a few hedgehogs in the past and I do not routinely worm. I was really just asking for general views on my questions. My hogs vary from 268g to 568g. I have access to 2 local carers.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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