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New to this hedgehog sighting lark, but loving it!

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings New to this hedgehog sighting lark, but loving it!

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    Hi, I am new to the forum and had a lovely surprise when I found that we had a hadgehog visiting our garden. I put my wildlife camera in the garden over night a couple of months back. I was really pleased when that happened because we, SWMBO, and I are both big fans of the little things.

    well, if I am allowed to post a bit of flickr video of our visitor then you will see why I was even more surprised and over the moon!

    Edit : – It seems that the forum does not recognise that format? Is there any way that I can post it please?

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    Hi Jonzjob

    Welcome to the Forum. That’s brilliant that you had a hedgehog visitor in your garden.

    Usually people just put a link on here of where their video is (if it’s on the internet somewhere), so it might work if you try that. Although not sure about the format thing – not very good at computer stuff!

    Alternatively you can put it on the Hedgehog Street YouTube channel via the home page or
    I’ve never tried that myself, so not sure how long it takes to appear.

    Good luck!


    Thank you Nic. Is it possible to get email notification of replies to threads I have posted in??

    It has turned out that we are getting greedy because there have been 3 of them, and a fox.

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    Hi Jonzjob

    Good to hear you have more hogs! Just be aware that foxes do, on occasion, kill hedgehogs, so I wouldn’t encourage them to eat side by side, just in case.

    Re. the email notification. I’m not sure. I don’t get them, but just tend to read through all the posts. But, there is a box to tick email yes/no. I have ‘no’ ticked, so not sure what happens if you tick yes, there. If you go to ‘MyHedgehogStreet’ top right then ‘MyProfile’ you should come to the place where that option is.


    I had realised the danger with foxes and hedgehogs and was really surprised when I saw a hog on the camera side of the dish and a fox eating out of the other side! The hog didn’t move so I think that he was securely rolled up. I also think that the fox is a youngster.

    I have made a circular fence to go around the dish. It’s seculely pegged to the ground and has 4 entrances for the little ones.

    This is the fox and hedgehog, before the fence went up I have to say..

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    Hi Jonzjob

    Yes, that hog looks safely rolled up. Apparently what some foxes do is just wait until the hog unrolls and then pounce. So just as well to keep them apart. Do you have a top to your fence arrangement, as well, so foxes can’t jump in? Also make sure it’s strong enough that they can’t push it over. Just beware of creating something where foxes can still get in, but it’s more difficult for hogs to escape. If there’s food in there that they can’t get at, the foxes might try quite hard. Apologies if you’ve already considered all that!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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