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No Hedgehogs this year????

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings No Hedgehogs this year????

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    For the past 4 years I have had at least 5 Hogs coming into my garden for hedgehog food. Non this year…any ideas why

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    Hi Sapper 8589

    Sorry to hear that the hogs there have gone missing. There are all sorts of potential reasons why that could happen – i.e. their route to your garden has been blocked, some predators (potentially badgers or foxes, but also dogs) have moved into the area, so the hogs are avoiding it, someone else has started offering food, etc. For instance, the hogs here were very late back this year and I suspect it may have been due to some work which was done on a nearby railway line which may have deterred them from using that route.

    Don’t give up, some hogs could still turn up. It’s very important that they are still, at least, offered water, but you could try offering a small amount of food as well, in case one or some eventually turn up.

    Good luck. Let us know if any hogs appear.


    I have had regular visits from a hedgehog until three weeks ago when there have been no visits from “my” hedgehog. This is so disappointing. I put food out every day. Where is “he?” Will he return?


    Thank you


    I hadn’t seen a the first hog of the year till last wednesday, it was a little female. Tonight one week later she turns up with the boyfriend huffing and puffing.


    Somebody please help me as I’m having a similar issue
    I live near a nature reserve and throughout April I had a single male hedgehog visiting my front garden in the feeding station. I cut a hole in my side gate and he started visiting mg back garden as I moved the food, he would come and go each night but I last saw him on may 1st. He just stopped visiting and I haven’t got a single hedgehog visit in ages despite there being food and water out every night without fail, and the hogs don’t have to cross a busy road to access my garden

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    Hi Roccoryan2008

    If this is the hog you were talking about here: I’m not surprised he has disappeared. Wild hedgehogs should not be enclosed in gardens – they need more space than that – males can travel up to 2 miles a night. Shutting them in a garden is just a larger ‘cage’. As you discovered, hedgehogs are good climbers, but I don’t imagine that alone would have upset him. If there is good habitat in the area, the hedgehog might have preferred to concentrate on other areas to avoid being shut in, etc., again.

    Despite that, either that hog or another could be back. Males have large ranges and don’t always stay in the same part of their range all the time. So that we frequently get reports on the Forum of hogs ‘going missing’ but they often turn up again eventually.

    For future reference, if you are anxious to get a response to your posts, it’s better to start a new topic. It’s easy for posts not to be so easily noticed if they are tacked on to the end of other topics.

    Good luck.


    Hi nic

    Thankyou for replying to me,
    Despite me living in such a hedgehog appropriate area I seem to be getting no visits or residents in my garden at all since may 1st, the field is literally just around the corner, the only hog I’ve ever had in my space was the one I tried to treat for ticks and fleas, he was done with my garden despite me trying to keep him for a day or two to rinse the fleas off in several sessions, and I thought my garden would be an appropriate habitat temporarily rather than a tiny wire cage.
    Either way, my hog still visited for one night, 8 days later, but I still haven’t seen a single hog for months
    Kind regards, rocco

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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