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Now have hogs back

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    Just to let you know I now have hogs back after a long wait, hubby has now cut a whole so they can come through, lots of poo’s on the lawn this morning it looks more than one might be coming.
    I’m so glad there back.

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    Hi Lesley

    That’s great news that the hogs are back! Well done to ‘hubby’ for making a new hog hole. You never know, with the new hog hole, you might end up with several hogs visiting!

    I hope all goes well. Good luck and happy hog watching!


    First actual sighting this year although was evidence that my hog home was being used. Have been leaving food out and I have two hedgehog fence holes connecting to both gardens either side of me. The hedgehog was quite small and could certainly move fast.

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    Hi Sharon

    It’s good to hear about your sighting there. Well done for having all those hog holes! Hopefully more hogs will soon find their way there. If there’s one hog around, there are usually more.

    Good luck and happy hog watching!


    Hi all,
    All good still got hog’s coming everynight just seen one so far but i’m sure theres more, they’ve also been in there hedgehog house.
    What i would like to know which is the best camera to use so i can see them at night.


    We know have 3 hogs which are coming every evening it’s lovely to see them back, there eating me out of house and home. We have a camera to see where there going there also using there hoggy home.
    May be we’ll have babies again. hope to get some pictures soon.

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    Hi Lesley

    That’s great news that there are 3 hogs visiting. Yes, fingers crossed at least one of them is a female and some hoglets turn up later on. But good that you already have some interest in the hog house.

    Well done getting a camera. It’s lovely to be able to see what the hogs get up to when we aren’t there to see. Hope you continue to enjoy watching them.


    We have our local hogs back too. Currently we have 3 we think. We heard the unmistaken huffing of a male around a female the other night. Great for our little garden.


    The comings and going around my neck of the woods are curious and baffling. By late April, I would always count 3 hogs early evening, and sometimes 4 (and then who knows many different individuals over the course of the night). But now I’m down to one regular (who I suspect has taken to my neighbours garden), along with an infrequent additional visitor. (Each is easily identifiable).

    I pushed the boat out this year, with additional huts and an additional feeding station but, sadly, I feel I won’t be seeing hoglets this year, least in residency!


    We still have 2 hogs coming every night in fact i think theyb live in there house we can see on the camera that there taking bedding in, not sure where the little brown one went haven’t seen here for a few days.
    We got some lovely shots of them going in and out there house last night.

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    Hi lizzierid, Dubi and Lesley

    It’s great to hear about all the hog activity. Fingers crossed for some hoglets later on.

    Sometimes female hogs disappear for a while when they have youngsters – so that could be why there are fewer there at the moment, Dubi. Don’t worry if hogs aren’t actually spending the day in your gardens – that can vary from year to year, but as long as hoglets are born somewhere, that’s the main thing. A bit of hog courtship behaviour sounds promising, at least, lizzierid.

    That’s great you are getting some good video, Lesley – so glad someone invented camera traps! It certainly adds extra interest to hog watching.

    Keep us posted of any hoglet sightings.

    Good luck and happy hog watching, everyone.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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