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Out in day.

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    Hello, I have just a few minutes ago brought a hedgehog inside. It’s was rooting around my garden in broad daylight. It is lively, looks healthy but is only 350 grams. I have had several different hogs in the garden since spring, but they all disappeared early September, so was floored to see a little one today. Any suggestions as to what is the best course of action gratefully received. By the way, I have a main road at the end of my garden which has seen several hedgehog casualties over the years.
    Hope someone can advise.


    Update: I put the little hog in a bigger box in a darkened room and “he” started to eat the food kindly donated by my dog immediately. Wet dog food for today, though I have kitten biscuits and Mr Johnson’s hedgehog food in the house.

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    Hi Lucky dog

    The worry about the hog is not so much it’s weight, as such, as that it was out during the day, which is often a sign something is amiss. I would try to contact your nearest carer/s (you can get contact details from BHPS on 01584 890801) explain things to them and hopefully get the little hog checked out.

    If you are keeping the hog in, don’t forget to provide water as well as food (hopefully you already are) – really important – the hog may be dehydrated. You will probably need to keep the hog in for the night now, if someone is going to check it over, so shredded newspaper or a small towel is useful for them to burrow under.

    Good luck. Hope all goes well.


    Hi NIC and thanks for your reply.
    I did contact a rescue center, they suggested that the young hog may have been disturbed by the heavy rain we’d had. Anyway, I kept him in for the night and released him inside my HH feeding station in my garden the next evening. My camera is picking up a lot of HH activity recently, three hogs last night, one quite small so hopefully my b & b guest is returning to eat. Funny because I had no activity for several weeks from early September, now it’s all systems go again!

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    Hi Lucky dog

    Well done for checking with the rescue centre.

    Fingers crossed for the little one and all the other hogs.



    Earlier this afternoon I saw a hedgehog in the garden. It’s hard to tell, but looked like the adult hog which was previously nesting in our garden with two hoglets (who are still visiting our feeding station). I didn’t get much of a look as the hod disappeared behind our shed. From what I could see it didn’t look in any distress, it just seemed to be foraging.
    Should I be concerned?
    I’ve kept an eye out but I haven’t seen it since.

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    Hi Welsh Hedgie

    Normally if a hog is out during the day, it rings alarm bells, although it’s possible it’s been disturbed where it was resting for the day. But you can’t always tell if a hog is unwell just by how it looks, they will try to look normal until they absolutely are unable to.

    Hopefully you won’t see the hog out during the day again, but if you do and are worried the best thing to do is contact your nearest carer. You can get contact details from BHPS 01584 890801. You can explain the circumstances more fully to them and take their advice.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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