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Poo spotted despite builder's mess…

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    Hi Nic

    Time has flown again, been trying to stay sane to be honest as life is so weird still.

    Such a shame to be hog free & have marauding cats getting past your water trap, must be a crafty cat as they’re supposed to work well. I’ve stopped putting the cameras out as looking at footage on the laptop afterwards is such a problem, have to be feeling very patient to want to sit & struggle with viewing them so relying on actually spotting out the garden or observing the nicely emptied dishes.

    The noise of crunching Tesco kitten biscuits can be clearly heard every evening & have had some funny episodes watching some quite large hogs pursuing each other round the garden very noisily! Minx is having a whale of a time after dark & has even got blaise about them as she’s seen so many. Long may it continue, hopefully yours are making themselves seen again in your garden.

    Starlings have all but disappeared after noisily spending so long here most of the summer, blackbirds & robin have just reappeared, thousands (seems that number!) of sparrows still here & many gangs of long tailed tits flitting about in the trees.

    Last week a nearby house had two trees demolished in the street by their wall, they weren’t large trees at all but the collared doves used them a lot. Barren brick wall now, even the grass that was along the wall next to the pavement is gone & replaced with pale coloured gravel. No soul.

    Ridiculously hot day today, our weather is bonkers, nothing like the appalling heat they’re having in America with those terrible fires though. You mess with the ecology of the planet at your peril.

    Hope you’re well & enjoying your wildlife, come back froggies & hogs, all is forgiven!


    Hi Annie

    The good news is there is a hog back visiting! I’ve been leaving one bowl outside the feeding area for him in case he couldn’t get round the water trays to get to the rest, but he has managed to get there as well, which is good. Just need a few hoglets to turn up now! I shouldn’t say it, but the cats have been giving my garden a miss for a week or so. What’s the betting they’re back tonight, now I’ve said that!

    The other good news is that I found 2 frogs whilst I was clearing the long grass/plants out the front. I usually do it in stages, so that anything has a chance to hide in slightly longer vegetation nearby. I’m pretty sure there is no connection with the pond ones – it would be too far for them to get round. I always do the clearing by hand, only sometimes using those one handed shears but grab the base of the vegetation first, so unlikely that I would catch anything in them. But was so pleased some frogs were making use of the long grass, as well the beetles, etc.

    Just topped up one of my ponds and there was another frog. Quite a big one – it jumped and made me jump! So it seems I have more frogs than hedgehogs!

    Not too many blackbirds around yet, although I sometimes see them on video early in the morning (still looking a bit scruffy round the head area), but it’s mostly starlings, sparrows collared doves and wood pigeons at the moment. Although there is a white speckled jackdaw who visits quite often and I did see a warbler early one morning on the video. You are lucky having long-tailed-tits. One of my favourite bird species – they are such cheerful little things. I sometimes get them here if I put out fat balls, but that’s if the starlings have left any!

    Sorry to hear you are having trouble watching the videos. Although I think it’s nicer in some ways to see or hear the hogs, etc. in real life. Glad to hear you are having lots of hog activity there.

    Yes, the weather is crazy – the hogs could be forgiven for getting confused!


    Hi Nic

    Hooray, a hog has returned to your garden! Hopefully by now some hoglets too, that would be lovely. Frogs seem to like your set up, it sounds perfect with all the grass & the pond, front & back doing wildlife a big favour with water in one & vegetation in both. I won’t mention cats…

    Starlings have made the occasional appearance, sparrows in their multitudes still have attracted the attention of a pair of sparrowhawks. Hubby was recording the sparrows on the feeder last week when they suddenly fled en masse & a sparrowhawk shot into view landing on the fence wings outstretched a split second after a lone sparrow went through it. It was a male but I’ve since (& a few weeks ago) seen a female sat on the fence by the feeder too. Spectacular birds, easier to see as quite close to the house now it’s been extended.

    I set up the cameras one day last week & spotted some small hogs visiting on the footage, they look as if they’ve had a close haircut next to an adult because the spines are so short in comparison maybe. Nice to see them anyway, lots of activity & putting extra food out lately as all of the Tesco kitten biscuits are being eaten every night front & back. A good year for hogs but I’d like to know where their safe place is to spend the day & where they intend over wintering too. Nobody is using Frankie’s kennel, been many months since there was any sign of it being sheltered in.

    Interesting to see the multiple entry & exit points between my garden & the 3 surrounding it. One of the gardens is a stark mix of concrete slabs & gravel with no greenery at all except in one very high raised bed of a few plants, one is very overgrown with heaps of cut & left to rot piles of greenery – heaven for shelter & food I’d think though I don’t appreciate the brambles that are coming through into my garden, the other is a lawn with a few plants from my garden that have migrated through the fence! Worryingly the lawn is spasmodically cut & a strimmer used at the edges despite my warnings about hogs, the overgrown one is strimmed about once a year but half heartedly which is just as well as they don’t listen to warnings either. You can see the giveaway signs where hogs travel, it’s an education to see how small a gap they need to make their way under fences, leaving poo, a dip in the soil, gravel from the garden they’ve been in, a line of trampled plants, to name but a few of their hoggy marks.

    Hope you have some activity to report!


    Hi Annie

    Nice to hear from you. Well the hog was here. He was visiting every day again, but has now gone again – hopefully to hibernate. So now it’s hogless here again! One other hog did appear briefly but hasn’t been back – and no hoglets, sadly. All very frustrating as the cats seem to have mostly given up, too. I’m still leaving food out – never know when a hoglet might turn up and a little mouse is making good use of it. Saw a rat one night and thought ‘oh no’, but surprisingly it didn’t go to the food and I haven’t seen it again since.

    Funny you should mention a sparrowhawk. One morning I looked out and saw a brown bird sitting on the top of my tree about a yard away from a woodpigeon. Was amazed when I realised it was a male sparrowhawk sitting so close to the woodpigeon. Both seemed completely unconcerned about the other. Woodpigeon a bit bigger than the sparrowhawk, but even so. The sparrowhawk eventually flew off, but was back a minute later although not quite so close, but then it flew right away. Woodpigeon was still there – maybe one of those teenageer woodpigeons – like the one that used to sit in the water bowl! Lovely that you can see the sparrowhawks more clearly now.

    Talking about woodpigeons, I had 5 in the garden when I put the food out this morning. There used to always be only 2 except when there were some young ones around. Maybe some of these are youngsters who will move on – hope so, I like them, but two are enough. The poor sparrows don’t get much of a look in until later. There were the 5 woodpigeons, 8 collared-doves a couple of jackdaws and a rook lined up on the fence – a bit scary for little sparrows having all the big birds around.

    Good to hear you have had lots of hogs there. I hope they hadn’t really had a hair cut! Yes, it would be lovely to know where they disappear to when they aren’t in our gardens. Less worry, too! Or maybe not, if they are crossing roads to get there! Sad they aren’t using Frankie’s kennel, but I expect they will again, one day.

    That garden that only strims once a year sounds a worry! Edges aren’t quite so bad – a bit more chance of seeing if there is something there – but still small things can stay hidden. But if they are done often, not so inviting a place to hide.

    Hopefully you saw about the new petition Let’s hope this one doesn’t get de-railed by an election or something similar! Although I noticed there was another similar one fairly recently and judging by the Government reply to that I don’t hold out a lot of hope that hogs will get more protection. But certainly worth a try and maybe they need things to be explained differently to them.


    Hi Nic

    Oh mean hog appearing then going again! I’m happy to report that every night is still Paddington Station (pre covid) here judging by the food that gets eaten & the poo left behind. It’s a bit cold to sit out the back but if I go & stand briefly in Minx’s pen most nights I’m rewarded by the sound of hoggy teeth crunching away on Tesco kitten biscuits from the other end of the garden. The poo varies between nice healthy looking stuff to pretty awful, happily mostly the former. Heaven knows what other people are feeding them is the problem isn’t it.

    Jacobi Jayne hog food has been getting a slating on Twitter, it included sultanas, mealworms & honey but I’ve noticed their ads say they’ve removed the fruit & worms & reduced the honey. Still not a good mix if you read the ingredients & I don’t think they need honey at all. Apparently there’s no regulation of hedgehog food so anybody can sell anything they like & call it hog food.

    You seem to have an excess of big birds, Ive just ordered a different seed mix as the stuff I have has too much waste as nobody wants some of the ingredients not even the pigeons who I thought I could rely on to hoover up any dropped food. Sick of brushing it up & throwing it away. I’m trying different ones until I get it right, at least the internet is useful for that, can’t imagine how I’d buy it at all without it.

    I signed the petition, in fact have signed a few lately. Petitions sometimes are successful, mountain hares’ persecution in Scotland are an example of that except it isn’t yet in their legal system as it takes forever so they’re still being killed by unspeakable people.

    Yes, next door’s annual cutting is a worry, there’s a heap by my fence where they’ve piled up cut grass & shrub pieces which I’m fairly sure is home to fieldmice & would be good shelter for frogs & hedgehogs as it’s fairly substantial. Shame to have a potential wildlife haven in a garden with the threat of a strimmer & a dog. Dog poo everywhere, that rarely if ever is dealt with, smells lovely in hot weather….

    Sparrowhawk has visited since, for about a week the birds stayed away as it’s been successful, found the feathers by the shed of some unfortunate little bird while they were staying away. Back now, coal tits aplenty, robins, sparrows, starlings returned from somewhere, collared doves but only 3, wood pigeons – 2 who brought an obvious baby with them but they’re not around too often during the day, magpies of course & a gang of feral pigeons who disappear for a few days then back again.

    Hope the odd hog shares the mouse’s food in your feeder but if they’re hibernating that’s good too. Stay safe Nic.


    Hi Annie

    Good to hear from you. Glad to hear you still have hogs there. Still none here. I’m still putting a small amount of food. A cat turns up now and then and does various acrobatics to try to get at the food without touching the water – quite funny to watch on the video!

    I think it’s very unfortunate that people are wasting their time on Twitter slating Jacobi Jayne (who are reputable hedgehog food makers and do go to the trouble of not only changing their recipes as scientific knowledge advances, but taking notice of such things as phosphorous calcium ratios) when there appear to be plenty of hedgehog food makers who may not do any of that at all. Jacobi Jayne were one of the earlier people to have sold hedgehog food, so weren’t one of the ones who jumped on the bandwagon when hedgehog foods became more popular.

    They stopped using sultanas and mealworms quite a long time ago, when the problems with them started to be talked about and also reduced the honey. Even when there were mealworms in the food, in the past, there were comparatively small amounts of them. I believe only a very small amount of honey is now used, and it seems likely that it is serving the purpose of potentially some other less natural substance. Sunflower hearts and peanuts may not be ideal to feed in isolation, but are alright in a balanced mix.

    In case anyone is interested, this is a statement which Jacobi Jayne prepared. file:///C:/Users/User/AppData/Local/Temp/ILH%20Q&A.pdf Unfortunately on social media there are some people all too willing to ‘slate’ people or firms when they haven’t actually bothered to find out the true facts.

    But I really wish people would focus more attention to making hog friendly gardens and linking them, so that they can find natural food, rather focusing so much on supplementary feeding and potentially seeing it as not only supplementary. Natural food is going to be better for hogs than any of the alternatives.

    Anyway, enough of that!

    Yes, I do seem to have quite a lot of big birds visiting – one of the hazards of living in the countryside! But also someone nearby used to put bread out for them which encouraged them into the gardens (some rooks nest in a nearby tree) and now that person has moved, so they seem to come here instead. I suppose when some of those big birds live such a long time, they are probably the same birds. But I do get smaller ones as well – once the big ones have disappeared. A little wren and some dunnocks are quite regular visitors around the patio and the usual suspects like blue tits, and finches, etc. visit the feeder. Loads of sparrows, too, of course. But I see red kites occasionally, which is nice. As well as buzzards and sparrow hawks.

    I stopped getting seed mixes years ago – like with you, too much was being wasted – and now I just have sunflower hearts, which most birds seem to like and also suet pellets – fed in bowls on a bird table (of sorts). I well remember the days before sunflower hearts, when I was feeding sunflower seed and used to have to clear up piles of sunflower seed coating from underneath the feeders! Sunflower hearts are such a treat in comparison. I’ve always had my bird food delivered. I just ring up and order it and it usually turns up the next day. I haven’t got into ordering on the internet yet, but suppose I might have to eventually!

    That’s so disgusting people not clearing the dog mess up in their gardens! I can never understand it. You’d be worried where you walked in case you trod in it! Yuk! But so sad for any animals which might have set up home in the long grass when it is strimmed. Although I think the hogs like to have some fairly short grass to forage on as well. I got quite a good video this year of a hog catching a worm on my ‘lawn’.

    I still see the mouse occasionally, although not so often, and haven’t seen any of the frogs for ages – not sure what they do when it gets colder.

    But yes, just have to hang on until the Spring and hope that some hogs return. I hope you continue to enjoy the hogs there. Hope you stay safe, too.


    p.s. Sorry I don’t seem to be able to get that link to come out properly, but if you copy it to a document it seems to work.


    Hi Nic

    It seems so mean you not having hogs after all the activity you’ve had previously, something must have changed in the route to your home to divert them maybe. Both front & back garden feeders here still being used, just crumbs left by morning most days with the occasional night none eaten much the same as all summer. There was fox poo by the feeder recently, they can’t get into it but maybe drink the water & wait hopefully for a hog to come out, hope hogs stay inside til they’re gone in that case.

    Yes, social media can do a lot of damage & also some people seem to get it in to their heads to attack someone, they even had a go at Brian May’s Save Me rescue saying the hedgehog advice given was wrong. There’s a lot of good advice on there which makes up for it, even those criticising gave good food advice overall. There’s also a lot of help on there for hogs in trouble, numbers to ring & what to do etc. If anybody gets it wrong they all jump on & repudiate it pretty quickly.

    You have kites! Lucky you, didn’t realise you were that far into the country. Plenty of small birds too, that’s lovely to hear. The seed mix I’ve bought is a success, only a few ingredients, sunflower hearts & suet being two of them. Hilariously there’s a small brown seed in there that tends to be discarded but if I brush it onto the peashingle they spend hours pecking them out! Feral pigeons are happy to help still but the little birds get most of it & the pigeons get to clean up any bits that are dropped. Lots of coal tits which is rather nice amongst the other tits, quite a selection of birds lately. Thinking of a peanut feeder for the tits, the last one was years ago & nobody ate them but the tits seem very keen this year.

    Your frogs are probably hunkering down somewhere under a pot getting ready to have a kip til Spring has sprung. Haven’t seen a mouse for ages considering they were everywhere in the warm weather.

    The dog poo neighbour never uses the garden, it’s just a glorified dog loo. When they moved in she was a puppy & I thought we’d see fun & games with her then little boy & the dog playing but they never did. If he played with his football he screamed at the puppy to leave it alone, sad household for the poor dog. She’s a very quiet & subdued animal & extremely affectionate when I’ve had contact with her. I found her on the street & a also guy brought her another time to me as she escaped twice during lockdown because the side gate blew off, think I should have kept her. Some people shouldn’t have dogs.

    You have a determined cat visiting, the one here who’s Nala’s litter mate has given up trying to get in my feeder but sits watching the hogs go in & out.

    Stay safe, things are going a bit mad again.


    Hi Nic

    Couldn’t wait for your reply without telling you I’ve just ordered a hedgehog house & hay from Riverside Woodcraft, recommended by Hedgehog Cabin. As my visitors are still very active it seemed a plan as if they haven’t sorted their winter accommodation yet they’ll have a nice safe place to spend their snoozes. I have the ideal spot in the front garden, it’s where Frankie’s kennel used to be under a shrub, against a fence, completely sheltered, shaded & cool & doesn’t get water logged. The difference between this & Frankie’s kennel is he had a fleecy bed, blankets & a microwaveable heat pad & the hogs will have hay.

    I set up the camera last night out the back for the first time for a couple of months probably & there were several hogs visiting over around 7 hours. All that’s left in the food bowls in the morning front & back is usually some crumbs & occasionally there’s a night as there was all year when nobody visited the front & some food was left in the back.

    Hoping you’ve seen some more action that isn’t a cat or rat!

    Stay safe.


    Hi Annie

    Good to hear from you. Great news that you have invested in a new hog house! Very exciting. Sounds as if you might get a tenant quite quickly. I’m sure the hogs will be content with the hay! If you’ve got any leaves, they would probably like those too.

    Still no hogs here, but I’ve seen a couple of frogs in the pond – hiding amongst the vegetation. There are yellow irises in that one which are going a bit mad. I might have to take some out soon, before they take over the whole thing. (Not sure I’m ever going to get round to making a bigger pond!) But at the moment the frogs seem to like hiding in the sheltered spaces they make. A mouse makes an appearance on the video now and then, too.

    But yes the cats are still visiting. I’ve started putting the food into the boxes, with the bricks in the corridors. The cats can obviously smell it, but can’t get in. The only problem is that some hogs don’t like going in the boxes, but just have to hope that if any hog does happen to turn up that it will smell the food, too, and the make the effort. If I leave it outside the cats would have it anyway, so seems the best solution.

    Re. the hogs. I had mostly males this year, anyway and they do tend to hibernate earlier. I’m just leaving one camera on, now, in the feeding area. Just in case anyone turns up. Ever hopeful!

    Yes, it’s a real treat when we see the red kites. They have been in this area for quite a while now. I used to see them first when I was driving somewhere fairly locally (I saw 4 of them at one time, once this year). I only see them occasionally from my house and the most I’ve seen here are two at a time, but it’s always exciting to see them! Beautiful birds.

    Good to hear the birds there are enjoying the new food mix. Love it that they prefer to pick the small seed from amongst the pea shingle! It’s a funny thing about peanuts – the birds here have never taken to them and I used to have to throw them away because they started getting mouldy, so gave up in the end. But I have a friend who feeds them and the birds there seem to love them (likewise where we used to live). No real difference in species. Maybe the ones here just like the sunflower hearts and suet pellets even more!

    Hope you stay safe and well, too.


    Hi Nic

    Hedgehog house arrived yesterday, installed it straight away in the border, newspaper in the bottom with hay on top & a bucket on its side next to it with extra hay for them to help themselves if they want any more. Also put some in the back of the 2 kennels in the back so anybody visiting with a nest nearby can take some too as it’ll stay dry. One of them had a visitor last night as the hay was flat & there were muddy pawprints in the kennel entrance.

    I’ve been putting the camera out every night to see what’s what out the back & at least one very small hog, looks well rounded & healthy & at least one much larger who also looks good. Always drinking water, helped by the cats who can no longer get to the kitten biscuits but still like a drink of hog foot flavoured water as they always walk in the dish. Most nights all the food bar a few biscuits is gone, the last few nights there’s been over half left though. At least it means there’s enough out there. Nobody went in the new house last night, if I can work out where’s safe for the camera not to be nicked I’ll set it up out there if there’s any sign of activity in it. The garden’s fenced (with 2 hedgehog holes) & has shrubs but the red light going off on the camera could be spotted by a passer by.

    Frogs in the pond, bless them! They hibernate under rocks, in compost heaps or underwater according to what I’ve just read. I’ve a few pots in the border half buried or inverted with a doorway I’ve always hoped they’ll use but never seen any signs. If you made a bigger pond you’re more likely to get herons I’d have thought, little ones are more protected from them in a way aren’t they as less noticeable.

    I swept up 6 black bags full of wet leaves in our parking area last week, making holes in the bottom for compost with a few but thinking of piling the rest in the border somewhere they can dry out a bit for creatures to use, maybe even the hogs will take some.

    Enjoy the latest version of lockdown, vaccination seems very likely to be rolled out next week, never trust anything they say so waiting until it actually happens before believing it. The doctors in ICU over here are keen on us all having it, hope they’re right & it does a safe job to get life a bit more liveable though all the usual defences re space etc will still apply. I for one will not be spending the festive season risking either giving anybody a covid present they don’t want or receiving one myself!

    Keep warm & stay safe.


    Hi Annie

    That’s great that you’ve got your hog house and brilliant idea to use the kennels for storage of extra nesting material. Fingers crossed for the visitor to take up residence.

    Hog foot flavoured water! And most likely dirty hog foot flavoured water, at that!

    Still no hogs here. Have had a couple of rats – I know they were different ones, one had lost part of it’s tail – so I’ve stopped leaving any food out. Don’t want to be feeding rats. There haven’t been any hogs for months now and I still have the camera out, so if one turned up, some food would be out the next night. The cats still visit but not as often now that they aren’t finding any food. If I put bricks in the hog house ‘corridor’ to reduce the height they can’t get in there, but can obviously smell when there’s food there. Quite funny to see them climbing on top, etc. to see if they can find another way in! But when there are more hogs around I tend to use the perspex sheet because not all the hogs like eating in boxes.

    I saw one of the frogs yesterday – it’s little beady eye peaking out from the iris pond. They seem to like those to hide behind. I have a half pot (an old terracotta one which broke) on it’s side for the frogs, too, but have never seen one in there. Although in the Summer it’s surrounded by vegetation, so I suppose it’s possible they’ve been in there. Yes, I’ll probably never get round to making a bigger pond and as you say a bigger one might attract a heron – not that I’d mind that, as such, but wouldn’t want the frogs to be eaten! Just wish I could have some tadpoles! That would be fun.

    A couple of days ago I saw a humming-bird hawkmoth, which was a surprise so late in the year. All the usual birds are still around. Starlings have been looking a bit miffed that there’s no remains of any hog food left for them early in the morning, but they just have to wait for their own food to go out.

    Yes, it’s good they’ve started vaccinating people. Everyone I’ve spoken to about it seems to be planning on being careful at Christmas, either seeing relatives outside, planning on getting together in the Spring instead, etc. So I just hope the majority will be a bit careful. Also hope the weather is o.k. or people are more likely to be tempted indoors.

    Hope you stay safe, too.


    Hi Nic

    More exciting news, 24 hours after setting up the new house in the front border a hog moved in! They also took all the extra hay I put in the lying down bucket, there was a little trail of dropped stuff behind the plant pot I placed to give extra privacy to the house & into the hallway of the new house. The following night I put more hay (though the house was stuffed full when I set it up as instructed) & also dried off a pile of medium sized leaves which I added to the hay, in the morning virtually all was gone & a trail of bits leading to the hallway as before. The food all but disappears every night, I’m leaving around half of the summer amount as less is being taken & there are usually a dozen or so kitten biscuits left by morning so obviously sufficient.

    I can imagine the hog sending postcards to his (or her) relatives telling them of the superb accommodation he’s found with a fresh supply of food & water less then a metre from the front door! To me it’s not ideal round here for hogs with such busy roads surrounding us even though we’re in a quiet close with no direct access to the road, but guess it’s better than having nowhere at all.

    Now for the back garden, the kennels are in use one way or another, the hay was disturbed in both within days so as it didn’t seem to be being taken anywhere I put more in for whoever it is to snuggle up in between feeding every night & there’s been some coming & going in them last night. Wouldn’t have thought they’d hibernate in them though they’re dry & off the ground with fleece blankets folded in the back half away from rain with the hay on top, maybe a good cosy shelter all the same. I’m not a hedgehog so hard to say what they’ll do, be interesting to find out.

    There was a small hog on camera in the back garden last night, & virtually all the food was gone this morning. It spent a long time drinking the water in front of the camera. Tonight I’m pointing the camera at the kennel nearest the food which looks the most disturbed to see what’s what.

    Oh your rats are a nuisance, not going to tempt fate & say anything about those. The 2 usual cats use the water bowl frequently each night, there can’t be many water sources round here.

    Haven’t seen a humming bird hawk moth for years, they used to be on our honeysuckle when it grew thickly down the fence of a previous house. Honeysuckle doesn’t grow well here for some reason, hoping it’ll buck up a bit in the spring as it has a better spot now by the arch. I love frogs, glad you’re probably not going to have herons in a bigger pond! There was a heron on the roof of a large house near here Saturday being mobbed by gulls, it was standing with it’s beak open & head up towards them as they screeched & bombed it. Probably a pond there as it’s a very big house.

    I might start a new thread in Champions Chat next time I post about the hog house as it’ll be seen by more people & could encourage them to get one too. Can keep up this one as well if you like though.

    Stay safe.


    Hi Annie

    Great news about a hog moving in! Hope you and the hogs have a good Christmas and a Happy New Year.

    Stay safe.


    Hi Nic

    Happy New Year to you, sincerely hope it’s better than 2020.

    Well hedgehog activity has finally stopped, the one in the house was taking food most nights til a week or so back so now I’ve draped ferns & greenery across the doorway loosely to disguise it more as stuff dies back for winter & it’s remained covered.

    I put a camera out the back & found two hedgehogs on there several nights then one night a couple of weeks ago to my horror saw Cino cat had found her way in to eat the food against all odds. She’s a small cat but even so I was surprised she got in. Worst part is that was a freezing night & it was obvious watching clips that by the time a hog spent going in & straight back out again later that night she’d eaten all their food. Hope fully they’d eaten earlier & other people around were still feeding that night. Haven’t seen them since but put food out with water in the shelter to stop it freezing every night & another bowl of water under a piece of roof shaped wood to keep it from freezing for anybody wandering around the garden.

    The next time I post on here I anticipate being Spring (only a few weeks really) when everyone wakes up & comes to reclaim the food from the mice as I’ve rebuilt the feeder & they’re the only animal getting in, they’re having a whale of a time. I’ll start a new one & look forward to hearing about your new visitors when they arrive.

    Stay safe Nic.

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