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Poop in the house

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    Apologies for the indelicacy of the thread title!

    We bought a hog house a few weeks ago, as we were getting hogs into the garden for food. I’ve lifted the lid carefully today and found one asleep, so I very quietly and carefully replaced the lid straight away. I did notice as I looked however that there is hog poop in the entrance, on the wall, and further in. It didn’t look new and might have started to get mouldy.

    Is this an issue? Should I be watching for hoggy to leave so I can clean it, or might it cause more harm than good if it comes back and it smells all wrong? The LAST thing I want to do is upset any hogs, particularly if any are looking at making a nest for having babies.

    Thanks in advance for any advice. I’m thrilled to bits that we have hogs coming in for noms and fresh water nightly. I badly want to do right by these little guys.

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    Hi squishycakes

    This is a bit tricky because as you say, it could be a potential Mother at this time of year. It is always a bit difficult to answer this sort of question, not knowing all the circumstances. Was there bedding in the box, or was it empty (apart from the hog)? If there was bedding in there, did the hog take it in itself? Was the hog in there during the day or after dark? Did it just go in for a nap, or has it taken up residence, etc.

    If it was me, and I was sure the hog was no longer using the box, and the poo was really mouldy and horrid, I would just try to quickly remove that poo. It depends how bad it is. But mainly so that it would be cleaner if anyone else wanted to use it – my boxes have never been used as a permanent residence. But (if you do decide to) open the box very carefully and if there is any sign of babies or that a nest has been made, leave well alone. You are right to be careful, if there might be babies, because hogs have been known to eat their babies if disturbed when they are very tiny and could possibly desert them.

    On the other hand, the hog chose to go in there, so obviously didn’t mind the poo. I suppose the hog could have got rid of it her/himself if they didn’t like it there. Imagine it being in the wild. There wouldn’t be someone to clean up after them then. In general, it is recommended to clean out the boxes in the Spring and Autumn – in the wild the hogs probably wouldn’t use the same nest again. Sorry not being a huge help, but you will be best placed to decide what to do, knowing the exact circumstances and the dangers.

    It is an endorsement of your box, that a hog has even gone in there so quickly! So pleased for you that you are enjoying having the hog visitors.


    Hi Nic, thanks so much for your reply.

    Was there bedding in the box, or was it empty (apart from the hog)?
    It had hay in it (bought from Ark wildlife along with the “royal hedgehog house”)
    If there was bedding in there, did the hog take it in itself?
    I put it in there when I put the box down.
    Was the hog in there during the day or after dark?
    According to our trail cam he had been in all night, and he was there during the day
    Did it just go in for a nap, or has it taken up residence, etc.
    Not sure, one seems to be there most nights but not every night as far as I can tell. Also can’t be 100% if it’s the same hog or not.

    I think to be ultra cautious I’ll leave it. As you say it can’t mind that much if it’s gone in, and no one’s cleaning up in the wild. As long as it’s not dangerous to leave it, I’m happy ๐Ÿ™‚

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    Hi squishycakes

    That sounds a very smart abode the hogs have there! If the hog really was there all night, fingers crossed it might be a female with babies. You would normally expect a hog to come out during the night and go hunting for food. Having said that, My trail cam doesn’t seem to catch absolutely all the comings and goings. Sometimes I have actually seen things that are not picked up on the camera.

    I think you are wise to err on the side of caution, just in case. Good luck.


    Apologies, I worded that badly. I meant the hog had been there during the day, popped out for food, then gone back in (ie used it all night so to speak)

    We’ve tried many different settings on our trail cam and in the end we have it taking a photo every 4 seconds then we make a timelapse. But it doesn’t catch everything by any means. We found motion captured videos caught the bottoms of hogs as they ran off ๐Ÿ˜€

    Mostly we see neighbourhood cats stalking the wood mice that live under the shed ๐Ÿ™

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    Hi squishycakes

    That’s exactly what happens on one of my cams when I have it on video. A nice collection of disappearing hogs! I haven’t tried time lapse – haven’t had it long.

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