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Possible pregnant Hedgehog

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    Yesterday we found for the first time what we thought was a poorly hedgehog out in the afternoon wobbly, Shaking, head down pushing on its back legs. Then Very lethargic. No interest in drinking or eating. It was like this all night too, so we put it in a box, made a little nest with some rags water and hedgehog food and brought it into our garage. It then made noises but didn’t move. We took it to a hedgehog hospital this morning who said SHE was heavily pregnant! We put the box in the garden in a sheltered place with fresh water. I’m just wondering if I should go and buy a hedgehog house tomorrow?? She has shown no signs of moving but is now drinking. I want to leave her as much as I can but don’t think the cardboard box is probably the best thing. (Now I know who was making this noise I have heard it a few times around mid afternoon over the past few weeks) Thanks

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    Hi Woody50

    Sorry to hear about the problem with the hog and sorry none of us has noticed this sooner. I’m not a carer/rehabilitor myself, but it sounds as if you need more advice, either from the wildlife hospital or another carer/rehabilitator.

    If the hog is not otherwise unwell, I would have thought it should be released back where you found it (it will be very stressful for her being in captivity – although reading again, not sure if that’s what you meant). If she is not unwell but just pregnant and is shortly to produce, she will be wanting to make a birthing nest. But I’m not sure from what you are saying if the hog is unwell as well as being pregnant. If I were you I would definitely ring someone for more advice as to how you should proceed. You will be able to explain things much better to them than is possible on the forum.

    Good luck. Hope all goes well.

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    p.s. If you are able to, buying a hog house couldn’t do any harm. If the cardboard box is outside and it rains it will get soggy. But it seems there is a general shortage of nesting sites in some areas, so it could be useful, if not for this hog, then for another.


    It sounds like you need to get this to a carer. This isn’t normal behaviour for the hog. If you haven’t already please contact one asap


    Thank you for getting back to me. I did take the hedgehog to a carer before I posted the original message. I told the carer about her unusual behaviour but the carer said it looked like the birth was imminent and wouldn’t take her for further investigation. So we brought her home. So that night we put her in the garden and around 11 pm she left the cardboard box not to return. I thought she may of been traumatised by her adventure so didn’t want to intrude any more. I only asked the question about another home incase she gave birth immediately and stayed out. I knew the box wouldn’t be sufficient. I’m leaving water and food out and while I’m not sure she is eating and drinking this morning there seemed to be a few droppings next to the water dish (same shape as in her cardboard box). So hopefully she is ok. Thank you for your time.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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