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Problem with fox

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    We have created holes in our fence of 13cm height and width, arched at the top. Last night, no hedgehogs but a fox slunk through with ease then urinated on the food!!! HELP


    Foxes are part of the landscape to hard to get rid of. We have made fox proof food stations. Lots of ideas on here and online.
    We got some old bricks and made one food station at such an angle a fox couldn’t get in
    We also used a plastic storage box with a lid-Put something heavy on top. Made a 10cm diameter hole and bought a short piece of 10 cm pipe for the hole. So far fox proof……….


    I think a fox might have attacked a hedgehog outside my house last night. I heard a lot of noise and looked outside & saw a hedgehog curled up in a ball on the lawn & a fox in the middle of the road. Is this likely? The fox ran off up the road, the hog stayed curled up for a long time & eventually shuffled off. I’m not sure if it was limping. Do foxes hurt hedgehogs?

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    Hi Pollysmum

    I don’t actually have foxes here, but apparently foxes will sometimes kill hedgehogs, although, I believe one tactic is to wait until they unroll and then pounce.

    But hedgehogs need to be checked over after dog attacks because they usually have puncture wounds, if nothing worse. Any wound can quickly become infected. I would think it’s quite possible that a fox could try to attack a hog and likewise cause a puncture wound. Puncture wounds are really difficult to see amongst all those prickles and quite likely no blood.

    I would contact your local hedgehog carer/rehabilitator (you can get contact details of your nearest one from BHPS on 01584 890801) explain the situation to them and take their advice. Especially if you see the hog again and it is limping.

    You might need to have a box ready to put the hog into if you need to catch it. High sided boxes are best, as hogs are very good at escaping. Use either an old towel, or some torn up newspaper which the hog can bury under. Provide some food cat/dog/hedgehog food and some water. I usually line any box with newspaper – they are very good at spilling the water!

    Someone from the hog rescue may be able to collect the hog from you, if you aren’t able to take it in.

    Good luck. Hope the hog is o.k.


    So glad I saw this, Nic – our ‘regulars’ never seemed to have had a problem with our ( small ) local Foxes – head’s down or balling up has always deterred..

    However, I noticed footage from one ours last night seemed to show it limping on a dodgy back leg.. thing is, I have no clue where they nest..

    Will be hard to ‘catch’ it as they mostly do the rounds late at night or in small hours of the morning

    I’ll call the BHPS number, but any recommendations in the meantime..???

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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