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Question regarding baby hedgehogs

Home Forums Champions’ chat Question regarding baby hedgehogs

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    Hi, I have been keeing log of a hedgehog visit my garden over the last few months now, the hedgehog has over the last few weeks been more of a regular visitor. I shared a video on Hedgehog Street Youtube of it tucking into a worm.

    I have two hedgehog homes, plenty of straw in both and around the home and one of the homes I am sure has been investigated by the hedgehog, the vidoe clips I have of the hedgehog has had straw on its back and the entrance of the home has had (hard to discribe) the straw made into like a tunnel, as if something has been in and out of the home, we can also see tracks, like reeds bent over etc.

    Yesterday and this morning when I looked at the home, the entrance has now been filled in, straw, leaves, broken of bits of reeds and other bits has been pulled in to block the entrance.

    Question is, could the hedgehog be inside, if so could it be having/expecting young hedgehogs (sorry don’t know the correct name of young hedgehogs).

    I so pleased, excited of the possibility of the hedgehog using the box, living in the box or maybe having youngen in the box.

    Any thoughts please.


    No signs of snuffles (nickname I have given the hedgehog) for the last two nights.
    I looked this morning and the home is exactly the same, the entrance is still filled in.


    It is possible that a hog has taken up residence.
    Please stay away from the house, however tempting it is to keep checking, as your scent could cause the hog to get stressed if it is there


    Thanks for the reply Stef.


    I can now confirm I have seen snuffles and that the home is being used. My trail camera picked up last night, snuffles carrying a large amount of stuff in his/her mouth back to the home.

    I shall be sending the video to people so they can post it on hedgehog street you tube.

    Chuffed to bits, though snuffles may not use it all the time, just to have shown interest etc, makes me pleased that the hedgehog finds my garden inviting.


    It’s almost certainly a pregnant female then. Definitely stay away. Put food and water out but not too close to the house


    Thank you, we have food and water out, as well as plenty of natural food, as the homes next to log piles, some which are rotten which have plenty of bugs and grubs.
    I bascially have areas in the garden which are a natures heaven and thankfully live in an area where my neighbours are nature friendly people too.
    Trail cameras are so useful at keeping an eye on wildlife.
    I shall keep you posted if anything else occurs.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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