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Really upset

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    Hi I’m really concerned at the moment I have supplementary fed our neighbourhood hogs for years now and never had a problem but this week I’ve found two dead ones in my garden it’s really upset me I don’t use and type of chemicals or fertilisers in my garden it’s totally wildlife friendly so I’m shocked to find dead ones in there I checked them over and could see no injuries on either of them has anyone any advice as to why this has happened it’s heartbreaking to think they came to my garden and died so sad thanks everyone 🥲🥲


    Oh Hostie61
    What a dreadful thing to happen. I’ve little knowledge or experience with hedgehogs, but I can sympathise and I feel how sad you’ve discovered two dead hoggies in your garden, it must be awful for you.
    Like you I don’t use any chemicals but I know people use slug pellets and two days ago the Council came near here and sprayed the kerbs and street gutters with some strong chemicals as everything dies within hours! I think that is a terrible thing to do and shall write to them.
    I am just so sad to read your post, and had to say something. I’m sure more knowledgeable and experienced people will respond soon.


    That is awful and I’m so sorry for you. I’m sure your garden is perfectly hedgehog friendly but they can encounter all sorts of dangers in the wider world, or they may have been ill, they can catch all sorts of nasty diseases. I too lost a baby hedgehog in my garden for no apparent reason and it’s absolutely heartbreaking.


    Sorry for this. What a shame.
    We have also had a sad incident today.
    We found a dismembered leg of a hedgehog on the lawn.
    I have a photo but don’t like to post it…
    For the last few weeks we have been visited by three or four hedgehogs, after not seeing any for many years.
    We were so excited and delighted, but then this happened…
    We have foxes come to the garden, and a sparrow hawk too.
    Plus the neighbours cats.
    Does anyone have any idea who the culprit could be?


    Hi Erizo Jez,
    Cats couldn’t kill a hedgehog, I’m not sure about a sparrowhawk but I doubt it. It might not necessarily have been predated. It might have died from other causes and been eaten as carrion. Hedgehogs are a lot easier for scavengers to eat after they’ve already died, the curling up in a ball is an effective deterrent to many predators.

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    Hi Hostie 61 and Erico Jez

    So sorry to hear about the poor hogs that died. It must have been very ditressing for you finding them. It isn’t possible to say what killed them, from afar, but you might like to report them:

    However, some foxes and even dogs can kill hogs, but also chemicals (slug pellets, rat bait, etc.) could be the cause. Although you may not use chemicals in your own gardens, hedgehogs need many gardens – they can travel up to 2 miles a night – so could be exposed to chemicals elsewhere.

    You might like to enter the poor hogs onto the Big Hedgehog Map. I always think it is a way of making sure that their existence was marked and the information may help other hogs. The map is accessed via the Home Page of Hedgehog Street.


    Thanks for the replies. The good news is that there are still two hedgehogs around! We thought the unfortunate incident might deter them and wondered if we would see them again, but happily two were back the next night and have been visiting every night since then.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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