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    I have what I thought was one hedgehog (occasionally two) visiting every night, and have just been watching him from my window eating the bird food from my ground feeder. He always makes a beeline for this before polishing off the cat food and biscuits in the hog feeding station. I only leave seed mix and black sunflower seeds on the ground, and save mealworms, peanuts and other naughties for the bird table, so not sure what the attraction is. I was using my binoculars which pick up objects pretty well even when it’s quite dark, as it was tonight. As he made his way to the feeding station, I suddenly spotted two more hedgehogs, one as big as him and the other smaller. A lot of huffing and puffing then ensued between the two larger ones. One seemed to be backing away from the other, so I’m guessing that maybe it was two males competing for a female (who wandered off in the midst of the proceedings).
    I never ever expected to see three hedgehogs together in the garden, so was really surprised and excited, although it’s a privilege to have even one visiting. Friends are always enquiring after “my” hogs, and I can’t wait to tell them this, but think I’d better leave it until tomorrow to text them!


    Dizzydog, your tale is SO similar to my own! When I first moved here 4 years ago I had no idea there were hogs about and I’d never given them much thought until one evening I spotted one. I too assumed it was just one until I started putting hedgehog food out and then realised I’d moved to a hotbed of hedgehog activity as one turned into two, then three, later four and a year later six. We reached a peak of at least eight in 2016 but there has been a decline since then.

    That first brief sighting turned into an obsession and I now have friends, like yours, who constantly ask after them. I’ve also turned a few people into fellow hogaholics. Is there a Hogaholics Anonymous where we can get help for this addiction?

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    Hi Dizzydog

    I’m really pleased to hear you are enjoying seeing the hogs so much.

    The two hogs sound like a male and female to me. She is the one that does the huffing and she usually backs away from the male to start with. Eventually she usually starts turning round and he circles her. She still huffing all the while, this can go on for hours! If it was two males, it is more likely one would try to biff the other and possibly roll him up, especially if there was a female around. The good thing is, if there is a male and a female, you may have the patter of little hoglet feet soon. Here’s hoping!


    Hi William. Eight hogs in your garden – impressive! You’re right – it is a bit of an addiction. Thought I’d better buy further supplies of cat food today for the extra guests. They’re worth every penny though, and I’ll certainly be on hogwatch again tonight. They’re such fascinating little creatures.

    Thank you Nic for the info about the courting couple – I think I got that a bit wrong! It would be fantastic if some youngsters did come along. My hog house is all ready and waiting, but even if there are no babies born there, it would still be great just to see some in the garden. Watch this space!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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