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Recruiting Neighbours That Have Dogs

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    Hello All,
    I would like to get all the neighbours on my estate on board with hedgehog street, but I am a little concerned because of the number of dog owners. Both my immediate neighbours have dogs (4 in total!) and I am worried that if we create highways, the hogs are going to walk through and be savaged by the dogs. The neighbours are not keen at all with keeping the dogs on a leash at night to stop them harming the hoggies.
    I also spoke to a neighbour over the way who said his spaniel has tried to kill hedgehogs in the past – needless to say I don’t really want the hogs visiting his garden!
    Luckily the hedgehogs have a wonderful large park and woodland to explore next to our estate, and the restaurant in my wildlife garden. One of my highways backs onto a foot and cycle path and i Often hear passers by commenting to each other on the highway sign and how wonderful it is.

    Would it be safer to keep things as is rather than exposing the hogs to the risk of being attacked by dogs?

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    Hi Sam1404

    I have looked out some information from BHPS from their FAQs:
    My dog doesn’t like hedgehogs in the garden, can you move it?
    The answer is that unless you are prepared to hedgehog proof the entire garden, there is no point in moving the resident hedgehogs as others from the local population will very likely move into the vacated area. If you are prepared to do this work, the best thing is to contact a local carer to see if they can safely relocate the hedgehog (avoiding baby season). Otherwise, training the dog to leave hedgehogs alone is the ideal solution, taking the dog out for its ‘after dark’ run in the garden on a lead, using a muzzle and making lots of noise before the dog goes out to warn the hedgehog something is happening can help. Hedgehogs often have a routine so if you see a hedgehog about at a certain time it is likely to be around near that time the next night – avoid letting the dog out at those times.

    Also a poster:

    And Hedgehog Street’s info:

    It’s very difficult, and sad, if people aren’t prepared to make any effort either to train their dogs to leave the hedgehogs alone or just put them on a lead after dark. But armed with these suggestions, you might be able to find enough gardens that you can link to make it worthwhile. Preferably so there’s less need for the hogs to cross roads, with all the dangers they hold for them.

    Good luck


    Thank you Nic, those links and suggestions are really helpful. I am thinking of putting a flyer/leaflet together to distribute on the estate, and can include these links to try and persuade those with dogs to be mindful of the hedgehogs in the area.
    Want to do as much as I can to look after the local hogs and keep the population healthy and safe.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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