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Releasings hog

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    I rescued 2 hogs together when they were both under 150g. 1 is now 750. Shall I release him on his own of wait till the other gains weight and release together.
    What’s best.


    Hi Bluebean, I would give them the option themselves after all they are wild animals and will need to learn how to navigate their patch to gt maximum benefit before the cold weather sets in. The big one needs to learn how to fend for itself.
    I would love to be able to weigh the 14+ hogs we have in our garden.


    I’ve released the big one successfully and his little mate seems to be coping on his own.
    Thanks for your comment.


    Good on you Bluebean [Sue] and the smaller one can get double rations maybe to put on weight too.

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    Not so sure, Dale, that the 14+ hogs in your garden would be quite so keen if you tried to weigh them all!

    Glad to hear you have released the bigger hog, Bluebean. As a matter of interest how big is the other hog. If the first one has already made 750g the other may also be large enough to release. Bearing in mind hibernation time is fast approaching and it might be a good idea for them both to be able to get accustomed to their surroundings, etc.


    The little one is now 500g.


    It needs releasing now


    I thought they had to be 600g to be released in autumn?


    Hi Bluebean, I’m sorry to hear of all the poorly hogs you’ve found and have died. There is info on this site if you look through, below somewhere, that says hogs to be 500g’s to be released. I feared the worst when you said it was hard to the touch. I once had a poorly pet who I thought was dehydrated and was on antibiotics. It was calcium coming to the surface of the skin. Unfortunately she died. It does make me wonder how many babies are actually dieing in the wild though. I guess you will have to get a bit hardened to this if your going to be a carer/rescuer. Success must be wonderful, but it won’t always go that way. Wishing you the very best.

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    Hi Bluebean

    The recommended weight for wild hogs is 450g to survive hibernation. (500g for one which has been in captivity, because it’s likely to lose a bit of weight on release) See link below. In addition, there is still time for the hog to put on more weight before it hibernates – if that is what it chooses to do. Especially if someone is supplementary feeding it where it’s released. It isn’t really officially autumn yet and the weather is still mild.

    You will find the information in this link useful if you are going to be caring for and releasing hedgehogs:
    It’s also important, if you haven’t already, that you read:


    I’ve released him today. Let’s hope he does ok.


    That’s great news!
    Keep us posted on any sightings and good luck with future rescues.

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    Well done, Sue. Fingers crossed for the little hog.

Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)

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