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Relocating within garden

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    We’re about to move into our new home and we have been asked to be mindful of a large ‘bonfire’ pile as there are hedgehogs in residents. We are really excited to share the garden with them but the pile is right in the centre so we would like advice on how to persuade them to move to another part of the garden. It is a large rural garden with plenty of shrubbery, trees and hedgehog friendly habitat and borders onto open paddock. We hope to be in early May and I think this should tie in with a gap between hibernation and nesting? Any advice welcome.

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    Hi Natnee

    It’s difficult to give advice, without know exactly what they meant by ‘there are hedgehogs in residence’ (in the bonfire pile). It may be they meant there was a hog hibernating in there, in which case it might soon move out, if it hasn’t already. Your best bet is probably to get some hog houses which the hogs might move into. Then very carefully, move the bonfire a bit at a time (don’t stick a fork into it), so that if there is a hog nest in there, you can cover it up again for a while until the hog moves out. They don’t nest in one place permanently, so it would eventually.

    If you put a small amount of nesting material (i.e. leaves, long grasses, hay, etc.) into the boxes it might give them the idea, but most hogs prefer to do their own interior decoration, so leave lots of nesting material in the vicinity.

    Early May sounds a good time. Most hogs would probably be out of hibernation by then, but be careful in case there is a late hibernator or one who has chosen to have a day nest in there.

    But if you are ever planning a bonfire again, this is the advice given by BHPS:
    “Bonfires offer a tempting home for a hedgehog. Ideally, collected materials should be re-sited just before the fire is to be lit, if this is not possible, the base should be lifted up with poles or broom handles (not a fork!) and a torch shone in to look (and listen) for any wildlife or pets in need of rescue before lighting”

    It’s a good idea to leave water available for the hogs all day every day. Shallow but wide plant saucers are ideal if you don’t have a pond. If you do have a pond, make sure the hogs can get out easily. If you want to offer the hogs supplementary food, cat, dog or hedgehog food is what you need.

    Good luck and happy hog watching!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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