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Rescue hedgehogs released in our garden

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    Hello Hedgehog lovers.
    It’s been very quiet here. After the disappearance of Cyclopsina and a few ill hoglets there has been nothing.
    Food going out and untouched in the morning.
    Sadly Cyclopsina has not returned and I doubt she will now. She was always so consistent.
    About 10 days ago I had footage of a boy turning up now and then at the food station and the last 5 nights he has been a regular visitor.
    Yesterday morning I was asked by our local rescue centre if we would have 2 hogs released in our garden, one being a recent amputee. Of course I said yes.
    They are both adults and big! The releaser said one was just under a kilo and the other just over. I don’t know if they are male or female. I did ask where they were found and why they weren’t being released back there. The amputee was caught in a drain so it wasn’t thought safe to release back in that area. The other one they didn’t know about.
    I have some footage of them coming out of the houses almost instantly at 1.30 in the afternoon then one going back in but not the other.
    Both boxes are empty this morning and the food gone. The amputee wasn’t at the food station but the other may have been with the regular.
    Sorry for waffling. Want to do the best I can for them but concerned they don’t know the area.
    I must come to terms that I can only do my best for them.

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    Hi simbo65

    So sad to hear that Cyclopsina has gone missing. I know how attached you were to her.

    Good luck with the two releasees. Not ideal that it isn’t their area, so the odds are against them, but I know you will do your best for them. We can only do what we can do and hope for the best. Fingers crossed for them. If it’s any consolation, whenever I have released any here (which had come from here) they have never gone back into the box after they were released. It sounds promising that the food was gone, though.

    Little Siili (according to the camera, which I don’t always completely believe!) didn’t come to the feed area the night after she was released, but now is visiting every night again, even though most of the others have disappeared. She is totally ruling the roost! What a character.

    But I know what a worry it is. I really wish you and them the best of luck. Let us know how things go.


    Hi simbo65, just read your post and sorry you’ve lost Cyclopsina, I’ve not see the two females I had all last year. It’s very sad, but I just hope they are still alive and living somewhere. I’m catching a glimpse of one on cctv, but not sure who it is. It’s a constant worry I know, as you can’t help wonder. The two you have released may just have wandered off to scout the area, and as I notice they do a lot of ground sniffing, I think they may find there way back… That’s just a guess, but they do wee a lot and I think this helps them to follow trails. I’m finding it worrying at the moment because the food isn’t being eaten… They are still going into the feeding station, but not eating. The food hasn’t changed, so no idea what’s going on at all. It’s been a very unstable year, with all the rain, hardly any leaves falling yet and very nippy nights and sometimes days here in Lancashire. It must upset the hogs with all these changes as it was quite mild last year at this time. Stay strong and don’t give up hope, I know you must feel responsible, but you are doing your best and wild animals are unpredictable and love to confuse us. Best wishes.


    Dear Nic and Annker,
    Thanks so much for the encouragement and pleased to hear that little Siili is such a fighter!
    I am pleased to say that I have caught footage of the little amputee hedgehog, the night before last, so pleased that hopefully she is staying close by. I must confess I got very emotional watching it on it’s 3 legs …….but must try very hard not too get too attached. I am just drawn to the under hog. I don’t know about the other one as I have had a regular visitor as well so will have to watch footage very carefully and see if i can tell if it’s 2 different hoggies.
    Re the situation of them not being released back where they were found- the rescue centre has received them from local vets with no information. The centre are going to try and speak to the vet practices about the importance of getting details- Does anyone know if data protection is an issue?
    Lets hope that all our hoggies hibernate well and give us more joy in the spring!


    Hi Annker,
    Sad to hear your little hoggies have also disappeared. I have to keep telling myself they are wild animals that have been around a very long time and whatever they do is for a reason.
    We can only do our best to help in whatever way we can. I am on the South coast and the temperatures haven’t been that cold. The rain however has been pretty bad but I hope that means more natural yummy insects around that will set them up well for hibernation
    Lets hope all our little friends come back in the spring
    Take care

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    Hi simbo65

    That’s brilliant news you’ve seen the amputee. I know exactly what you mean about getting attached to the underdog! But I think it’s a natural thing. I think humans like to be needed and it’s those hogs like your amputee and Siili with her eyes, that seem to need us more, somehow. Or maybe that’s just how we like to think! But it’s also knowing what they have been through to get to where they are now. I keep telling myself, that whatever happens from now, at least Siili has had this time of being a wild hedgehog again. But of course, I hope that she has a long and happy life and produces lots of hoglets!

    I’m not sure about the Data Protection angle. I imagine if someone has given their permission, it should be o.k. It might be worth your local rescue giving a copy of the information about the importance of releasing hogs where they came from to the vets

    After all the trouble, first the vets and then the rescue people have gone to, to get the hogs fit for release, it would be so much better if the hogs could have the best chance possible, by being released back where they came from, or as near to it as possible. It makes it harder for you too. Much more worrying circumstances for you, if you know the hogs don’t know the area, etc.

    Good luck. Hope you keep seeing the amputee hog.


    Hi Nic,
    I have forwarded the information to the rescue centre to help them educate the vets. This is what the lady that runs it said is on the agenda.
    I also caught him/her last night on the cam. Going to the food station in the front of our house. I don’t get footage of it going through to our back garden but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. (can’t tell if male/female)
    I think the other released hog is also eating here as lots of food going in the feeding station at the back too.
    I’m hoping if they can both hibernate well, it will bode well for them in the spring.
    Everything is crossed!

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    Hi simbo65

    Sounds like promising news of the hogs. Yes, fingers crossed re. hibernation.


    Hi simbo65 & Nic, I’m sorry for your losses with the hogs, but glad your rescue hogs are back and around and eating Simbo. You are going through what we did a month ago. Hogs eating everything, I was piling the food in the dishes each night. It was the sudden stopping of eating that bothered me most. I now guess they had eaten their fill and when I have see them about at night they were perhaps out collecting their winter bedding! Little Heidi is still coming and eating each night. I will have to check the cctv to see if the others are still about. So, yes, it’s colder here than in the south so yours will be slowing down soon if they are to hibernate. They’ve probably had to scout the area and find a suitable spot to make their hibernating nests as you can’t do that for them. My vet once told me that animals that were very ill knew when people were trying to help them. The only exception was pigeons! As soon as they were better they turn on you and peck you! From things I’ve read and seen, I think it’s true, so your hogs will know your kindness and your food parcels will be appreciated. As I write its lashing down again, so poor hogs will be out in it again, but as you say, lots of juicy thing to eat. Best wishes… Roll on spring.

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