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Rescued 308g hog

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    Lovely posts everyone thank you. The hedgehog has behaved more “normally” today ie quieter and asleep most of the day, hopefully hes ok and will wake for a feed later. Hes still not had as much green poo, I’m hoping it’s a good sign. I just hope he makes it through the night. Last time we had a poorly hog it was in our garden years ago, I wasn’t feeding or filming hedgehogs then, and the vet thought it was so ill it was put to sleep. That’s why I didn’t think to contact our vets but of course vets come and go and this new lady has an interest in them. Fingers well and truly crossed he/she is gorgeous, so clean and perfect looking.


    Stress in hogs caused by illness, caotivity etc can lead to a rise in internal parasites, so this needs to be checked for/treated
    Vale wildlife hospital have a drugs chart available for anyone to download with their latest advice on treatments.
    Good luck with this one


    Any news about the little one?


    Hi, unfortunately the little hog didn’t make it, only just found out she died on Monday. The vet thinks there was something underlying because initially she was responding. Apart from the treatment for parasites I’m not sure what else she was given. At least I tried. Next time hopefully it’ll be successful.


    Sorry to hear that. Unfortunately quite often by the time we get to intervene it’s already too late. Like a lot of wild animals they don’t show problems until they become serious.
    Thanks for trying – at least the hog died in care and that’s brilliant

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    So sorry to hear that, Melanie, I know how disheartening it can be. But you did your best for the little hog and that’s all we can do.


    How sad- So sorry to hear that but at least you got it help and what more can we do?
    I get so upset when I see an injured hog – I then get it help and get upset again when it has to have a leg off or put to sleep. My other half has threatened to take the cameras away so I can’t spot what’s happening and gives me a good talking too about how we can help but can’t always work magic…..I know he’s right and that’s even worse!
    Take care


    We have to remember that if a hog dies in care at least it is no longer in pain and distress.
    Left in the wild it would be a slow and painful death – you helped prevent that


    Thanks everybody, such kind words, I was upset by it. But I still have lots of hogs visiting each and every night, hard to tell them apart but I’ve I’ve definitely recognised at least 5 different individuals since last month. On the strength of that I’ve purchased another feeding station and camera and have a couple more areas in the garden ‘friendly’ for nesting. 🤞

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)

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