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Rescued hoglet – 240g

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    Hi Nic
    Yes, I knew what you meant re babies versus injuries. Steve’s are very small for November but I suppose I was thinking if mum was around they might do better to be fully weaned from mummy and getting all those nutrients but being so small and out in the day is a different story of course. Steve didn’t mention that part till later on and I got caught up with something at home and not watching his next posts.
    I agree about the wildlife hospitals- especially about some I have read about. My nearest one isn’t very knowledgeable about hedgehogs and only seem to cater for certain scenarios. When I have rung them for advice they just tell me to take it to the vet- not very helpful.
    That is why I stay in contact with the nurses who look after the wildlife and also passed on information Stef gave me to them which they didn’t know.
    With good traffic Brent Lodge is about 40 minutes from me and perhaps that will be the way forward but when I spoke to them about Big Leg’s rehab they couldn’t take him. I am sure she said they had over 100 babies in!! However the ladies there gave me good advice and I am trying to follow it as best I can. We have extreme rain here so I think we will leave Big Leg in the garage another day and look to release tomorrow. I have been out to buy straw which I have read is better for bedding. Will add some soon as we didn’t want to disturb him. We are keeping contact with us to a minimum….so fingers crossed.
    It would be great news if Siili has decided to hibernate- what a character she is!


    2 baby hogs safely in custody. They are in separate boxes with bedding, food and water. I am in contact with potential foster homes but they are safe and sound. I suspect there might be more out there and I am on garden watch!

    Thanks for all the advice.



    Stop press! Hog number 3 just collected at 220 g. Running out of temporary accommodation. Is it ok to put two hogs together?




    Hi Steve,
    I would say it’s OK. They might even be siblings.
    Hopefully Nic will post to you with a more definitive answer
    Well done for doing such a great job

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    That’s brilliant news, Steve. I think it would be o.k. to put them together – there’s a limit to how many boxes you can have! But I’ve had a similar situation in the past and some did end up doubling up. It’s only for a short while, so as long as you provide plenty of food and water for two it should be o.k. They may well be siblings, as Simbo65 says. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if more turn up!


    Make that 4!


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    Brilliant! Keep up the good work!


    Your having a busy time😁👍


    Great news that you are there to help. Let us know how they go in foster. It’s important that when they are released again it is where you found them- if you don’t mind that ,so make sure the new carer will have all your details.
    Well done !!!!


    Aye, people need to:be careful,

    “I agree about the wildlife hospitals- especially about some I have read about”

    It’s difficult, as with all charities, some get a ‘bad press’ because the latest ‘celebrity’ who ‘endorsed them’ has become engulfed in some meaningless ”Twitter storm”

    Just look at the objectives of the ’charity’ are they local, have a designated, non political objective, are they ‘wildlife/children/ look after the poor. directed?

    If they have a well paid ‘board of directors’ a 50k a year funding manager”…then they are not the sort of of charity that most, who care about hedgehogs/or the poor/ or children.. would seek to support.


    I have 6 hogs in conjunction with Warwickshire Hedgehog Rescue and three are currently in my unheated garage. I bought three small heat pads, often used for reptiles, and placed them under some newspaper. They give a very gentle heat and can be left on all the time. At some point though you need to decide when to remove the pads to prepare them to move into an outdoor hutch. I’ve been advised to do this when they reach about 500g although it’s particularly cold at the moment so I’ve left them a bit longer. I’m going to the Vale Wildlife Hospital one day hedgehog care course next Monday and hope to come away armed with useful information!


    Good evening 5sandown,
    Can you give me a link for these heat pads? I’m not sure whether to get the electrically/heated ones or the ones that maintain the natural heat (reflective heat, I think the term is)
    Also, how do you become a ‘hedge hog, foster carer?
    It’s something we would be really interested in doing and as I mentioned in a recent post elsewhere, it could relieve the pressure on rescue centres who are apparently overwhelmed at present.

Viewing 12 posts - 16 through 27 (of 27 total)

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