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Rescued young hedgehog, wondering about his back legs

Home Forums Carers / rescuing a hedgehog Rescued young hedgehog, wondering about his back legs

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    Hi there guys! Very new to the hedgehog realm but have looked after many animals in my time. Big and small. Walked outside the other day and found the little guy right next to my step. Was middle of the day, blearing heat and even i knew that was a little strange as they are nocturnal and im sure the babies would usually stay with the mother. I put a little water next to it and made sure it was in the shade and gave some time, to see if the mother would show up. Few hours later and he is curled up in the same spot, no mother to be seen. So decided to take him inside as there are lots of dogs/cats in my area. Got him a little box with shredded paper/leaves etc, plenty of space for him to burrow and curl up. Have had him with me 2 nights now, he eats, drinks, pees, poops, walks around and makes it known to me when he wants to come out of his hidey box. Only strange thing i have noticed is that he sometimes tips over to one side when he is moving around. Seems like he has a tiny bit of trouble with his feet. Not sure if this is normal for baby hedges or not. I have had a small look online and the first thing to come up was WHS (wobbly hedgehog syndrome) and this made sense first, but apparently he should be shaking? I haven’t seen any shakes at all. If anyone with young hedgehog experience could give some insight, would be much appreciated. Can also get a video of him falling over if needed. He shows no signs of pain or anything, it just looks goofy and maybe annoying for him. Thanks guys!


    I would recommend any hedgehog that shows abnormal behaviour should go to the vet or carer. I wouldn’t try to care for sick hedgehog because there could be one of a number of issues that need looking at.
    Once he has the all clear they should give him back to you for release.


    Hi! Thanks for the quick reply ๐Ÿ™‚
    Yes, will take him to a wild animal care hospital and get him checked today. Just wasn’t sure if it was normal for young hedgehogs or not, as everything seemed normal besides the sometimes tipping over when turning around or running. Thanks!!


    The fact that he was outside during the day in the sun is not normal or tipping over.
    It’s good that he has eaten and had water. I think if you keep him warm and get him checked over that would be best, good luck.


    Oh yeah. That was definitely weird. I just chalked it up to his mother dying… but i guess she could have abandoned him? Not sure if its in there nature, but some other animals abandon the weakest. Sad but true lol.
    Thanks once again ๐Ÿ™‚


    It’s very early for hoglets to be about.
    You haven’t mentioned on here what size/weight it is so it’s difficult to advise.
    Hoglets like toddlers fall over. It’s unlikely to be WHS from your description
    However, my advice is to take it to your nearest carer asap, as there can be other issues you cannot see that need dealing with.
    Hoglets also do better with other hoglets than on their own

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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