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Return of the hogs

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    After a gap of ten or more years hedgehogs have returned to our garden
    And how they’ve returned, after nothing for years we were woken up by the security light on our shed coming on to find a hedgehog in our garden. We now regularly have three individuals in the garden at any one time. With much huffing 😀 going on hope to see some hoglets soon.
    We put out food and water every night and have just bought a hog house, which has been visited but no resident yet!

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    Hi The Hogfather

    Great news that hogs have returned there! I hope you get a tenant for the hog house soon. It would be lovely if it was used for a hog to give birth in.

    Just one thing. It’s a good idea to leave water out all day every day, just in case a dehydrated hog ventures out during the daytime. Wide but shallow plant saucers are ideal and birds will likely make good use of them during the day as well.

    Good luck and happy hog watching!


    We are new to hog watching, we will put out water during the day as well as at night didn’t realize they ventured out during the day.
    I’ll post if we get any babies.

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    Hi The Hogfather

    You’re absolutely right, hedgehogs don’t normally come out during the day unless something is amiss. But that might include dehydration and we might not be there to see, so I always err on the side of caution and leave water out all day.

    There are some exceptions to being out during the day, i.e. prospective mother nest building, or taking a break from youngsters if it’s really hot. But they would probably stay under cover if it was the latter. Also in the Summer, they are sometimes about early in the morning or just before dark.

    Yes, please do let us know if there are hoglets. Always lovely to hear about!


    Built two very nice hog houses last year after finding evidence of hogs… He or she chose one to hibernate in and noe my night camera catches him oing to his food station ten yards a every night… Hoping for maybe a family in june

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    Hi Sirus

    Good news, that they are making good use of the hog facilities you’ve provided! Yes, fingers crossed from some hoglets later on.


    Bought a pair of night vision binoculars to try and catch more of the hogs in our garden.
    They are brilliant so easy to use, got some great photos of the hogs going in and out of the hog 🏠, looks like it might be the same one. There was a slight altercation a week ago when two hogs tried to go in at the same time.


    Noticed a hog last night with pale patches on its back any ideas anyone?

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    Hi the Hogfather

    Good idea having night vision binoculars. Never tried them, so it’s useful to know they work!

    Re. marks on the hog. Quite possibly someone has artificially marked it. Sadly it seems there is more of it about these days and maybe with people being out in their gardens more in the evenings, with lockdown, they have had more opportunity. Most of the hogs here look a terrible mess. It looks as if people keep remarking them, sometimes with different shades of colour, so possibly also more than one person. Very sad to see them like that.


    Real shame, fortunately we’ve only seen one hog marked like that. Been getting some great pictures with the night vision goggles, posted one of three lady hogs sharing dinner. Try to get more on soon (dates on the pics are all messed up though)

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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