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Rush hour !

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    Only a short note of the ‘action’ last night.
    I have two “feeding stations” well apart on my terrace. Nothing special one is a covered plastic underbed storage box (used if raining) and two small wooden roofed but open sided constructions. The last few days the plastic box has been massed with poo – paper flooring ripped all over – bowls tipped – looks like quite a party’s been happening !
    I was up at 2 pm last night so peeked outside and saw 3 hedgehogs in the plastic feeder plus another one nosing around the entrance about to join the party !! It really isn’t that large ! 2 more at the other feeders eating together minding their own business.
    Eventually 1 female exited the plastic feeder backwards closely followed by a male who was intent on wooing her. I suppose the others in the plastic feeder were females or I would have seen some aggression going on in there, especially in such a small space?
    So does this sound like 4/5 females and 1 male last night? I’m thinking of putting out bowls in other areas of my small garden now so they aren’t congregating on the paving, though the feeders aren’t close together. Would that be better?

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    Hi daffydill

    The ones in the feeder could all be females, although it depends a bit how old they are. Good that you have at least one female there, though and lovely to have so many hogs visiting.

    It probably would be a good idea to set up separate feeding areas. Apart from anything else if too many hogs congregate they are more prone to passing on any diseases they may have. Not that good at social distancing! (even though naturally that might be their preference).


    Hi Nic
    Yes it is great to have see so many hogs, I was very surprised as I don’t have a camera and not usually up at 2 a.m. !
    I’ve put the biscuits in a couple of other areas in the garden as well now, so much rain this month it is just finding something simple to keep the rain off them.
    I’m fortunate that there haven’t been any cats around here so perhaps much better idea to dispense with the plastic feeder altogether and try several individual places around the garden with food instead, sure the hogs would find them.


    Hi, I just use plastic step stools to keep the food dry and give the hogs a bit of shelter. Just the one step, little seat type. They don’t cost much, don’t blow over in the wind and can easily be put out of sight during the day. They work really well. I feed ark biscuits, so the cats aren’t interested (unless they get wet and then they’ll give them a go).


    Hi Marchel
    The step stools sound a good idea, I’ll look them out. I’ve a few very large terracotta pots that have split vertically and they are making sort of tunnel shelters at present, only 1 hog at a time though. I think it’s good to have some open sided covers as well so the food can be shared from either side if wanted. I’ll tell a friend about Ark biscuits ‘cos she has a cat problem ! Thanks.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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