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Saudi Arabian Hedgehogs

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    My first really close encounters with Hedgehogs were in Saudi Arabia where I spent a couple of years in the 70’s. Our house was full of cockroaches which didn’t bother me too much. I like all insects. One had to shake out the drying up cloth before using because it was a favourite place for them. We were advised to keep a hedgehog within the house and enclosed grounds. It soon cleared the cockroaches and ensured that they kept away. Hedgehogs are badly treated there so, I had no qualms about giving him a home and when we left, a friend who ran a small zoo imported him to the UK. The Saudis thought that we were crazy. Saudi Hedgehogs have very long ears and legs. I am looking for a photo to post.


    Hi Amante,

    That’s an interesting set of circumstances. Did your hog live in your house in Saudi Arabia or stay outdoors and come in to hunt and eat cockroaches? was this a Desert hedgehog (Paraechinus aethiopicus)? Did he survive the journey to the UK and how long did he live for?
    Photo would be lovely if you have one to upload.
    I don’t understand why hedgehogs would be treated badly, similarly in New Zealand where they are considered pests (devour the protected bird eggs I think is the concern) – especially if they clear your home of roaches – you’d think they would be held in high regard!


    It would be a desert hedgehog. The smallest of them all
    Our european hedgehog also has long legs – it’s just then are normally shuffling around close to the ground but when they run you can see they have long legs. I liken them to the old Citroen cars

    Avatar photo

    The hedgehogs in New Zealand are not very popular because they are an introduced species. As is often the case with introduced speces, they did very well there and became a pest. They have a lot of ground nesting birds, there – hence the problem. Thankfully these days, people are more careful about introducing animals to places where they don’t belong – I hope!

    I agree – seems strange they don’t like hedgehogs in Saudi Arabia, if they eat the pest insects. I am assuming it is a species which does belong there.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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