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Saw a hedgehog at about 5.30pm today

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Saw a hedgehog at about 5.30pm today

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    Was amazed to se a really good sized hedgehog wander down my front path this afternoon at about 5.30pm.

    It was a fairly good size from what I saw.

    I was just wondering if I should have been seeing it during the daytime? I thought they only came out at night.


    Hi Tara, what a wonderful surprise for you. If it was walking OK and looked alright I shouldn’t worry at this time of year, its probably a nursing mother. They tend to appear looking for food when it seems safe to leave the hog let’s for a while. Hint hint, leave it some food and water to make it easier for her. Best wishes.


    5.30pm isn’t that unusual for my local gang of hogs at this time of year provided, as Annker says, it’s behaving normally i.e. scuttling about, sniffing for food, investigating stuff then it’s probably ok. If it looks very drunk, staggering badly, ‘sunbathing’ or surrounded by flies then it has a problem but it can be very difficult to tell sometimes.

    Food & water will make it’s life a lot easier and give you a lovey warm glow but they don’t ever say thank you. Ungrateful horrors.


    The hedgehog was certainly zippy. By the time I’d grabbed my phone and run downstairs and outside, it was gone! It looked a good size and was walking normally. I was just so shocked to see one during the day.

    I don’t have a feeding station for hedgehogs. I did put food out last year but the crows spotted it and would come down very early in the morning and eat it. I’ll have to put it under a box or something.

    Thanks everyone

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    Hi Tara

    I expect the hedgehog would appreciate some extra food – ideas for feeding boxes included in:
    But also lots more ideas in the photo gallery and on the forum.

    I use a sheet of clear perspex type stuff balanced on 3litre earth filled pots with bricks on top to stop it blowing away or being pushed up by cats. I get rooks and jackdaws coming down for food later on, but never seen them going under that – although, to be fair, I don’t think there is usually much hog food left by then!

    If you can’t manage anything else, water is essential for hogs. I would recommend leaving some out 24/7 as a dehydrated hog or nursing mother may be desperate for a drink during the day. I use large but shallow plant saucers and have several dotted around. Just make sure they aren’t so deep a hoglet couldn’t get out (you could put pebbles or stones in it, if necessary). But keep them topped up – once a hog knows there’s a water source there, it could travel quite a distance to get there.

    Good luck and fingers crossed you get some hoglets visiting later on.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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