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seen last night

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    We have a hog still about most nights in the garden. Won’t use the house I built, but was a one time sleeping under my upturned wheelbarrow.
    I see it on my garden cam around my shed and I suspect that he is currently resting there. Takes cat biscuit and the sunflower seeds that the birds drop. He looks to be getting fatter.

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    Hi bowmanera

    There do seem to be quite a few hedgehogs around who have decided not to hibernate this year – despite being large enough. I suspect most are this year’s youngsters. I have two here. If there is any way you can try to reduce how many sunflower hearts and increase the cat biscuits the hedgehog gets instead, that would be better for it. I’m not sure where the ones here are spending the day either – not in my boxes!

    I hope the hog there continues to do well. Good luck.


    My regular visitor/s stopped dropping by in early December but I’ve still been leaving out dry food and water in the (so far) cat-proof feeding box in case someone needed a snack. We got home last night after a couple of days away and, sure enough, the food had been eaten, so have refilled bowls with hedgehog food and more cat biscuits. Sadly I don’t think anyone’s hibernating in my hog house, but having them still coming for food is a bonus.


    A young hedgehog has reappeared tonight . The temperature is 1c and dropping to -3c . I laid out a bowl of Cat biscuits, water and a bowl of wet cat food too…He is tucking into it all! ..Not at all swayed by my appearance to feed him as I put the plates down beside him. His size is about 15cm long , 10cm high. Perhaps he is using the Hedgehog House in our garden.


    We have a hedgehog out, I put my trail camera out 1st time for a while and was astonished to see our resident hedgehog out….he/she has a lame back leg…had it all last year…and I put camera out again last night Sunday and there he was again , 22 hits on the camera video from 10 pm to 5.20 am… it was frosty when we got up at 8 am Monday….hes picking up the bird food on the ground…not sure if I should feed or not as he should be hibernating , going to site my new hog house with bedding though, hopefully he will use it….I will ..its getting colder with show forecast for tomorrow night…..


    Hi Lola2019,

    would definitely recommend you support feed and also provide drinking water. this hog could have awoken as a result of disturbed hibernation site or perhaps too hungry to try and hibernate fully. Its not ideal for him to be topping up entirely on bird food left overs
    I would also probably be interested in a closer look at that lame leg if you are able to catch him and maybe get him seen to by a local carer / expert (call them in advance and see what they say also). gives you chance to check how healthy he is generally as well, weight and tick burden etc. Could be a life saver for him. If he’s doing ok then they don’t need to be overwintered if only checked over in this way, and would be fine to re-release where found, even at this time of the year.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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