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    Every night I feed and water hedgehogs. Tonight 22.05 on 02.02.20 I had 4 visiting to feed at once these are all juveniles who were born about September. I always put food and water out every night ever since they didn’t hibernate in 2016. It seems this year they are doing the same and not going to hibernate.

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    Hi Hoglet

    My non-hibernator visitor has now disappeared – about 3 weeks ago. I hope she is hibernating, but only time will tell. The endless stream of cats is still visiting. They and the birds are taking advantage of the hog food!


    I have two households in hibernation and three which are not and as active as anytime of the year. Still putting out 7 bowls of nibbles/Calci most days between the two feeding stations. Cats no longer a problem after using ridge tiles to create tunnels at the entrances. No rats and just the occasional field mouse, so all is well. Can’t believe only a few weeks until we can expect the sleepers to emerge. Will be looking for advice on cleaning out houses etc though as this is my first full year following installation of Hog homes.


    Quite a bit of activity last night and cat shows a quart can be squeezed into a pint ! Active night


    I had my first sighting of a local wild hog last night, very early compared to last year. The first time I’ve put the camera trap out though so it could’ve been around for some time. Fed on biscuits in the igloo I use to keep the cats at bay. Three cat visitors as well so it’s really worth protecting the food from them as well as the elements.


    First sighting in the garden last night, looked like a big adult .I put some food out ,from the munching sounds was appreciated by the hog. Might be a early riser ,but will keep an eye out as the weather is still unpredictable.


    Hello everyone. Glad to see some hedgehogs appearing.
    Nic- Is it Siili that has disappeared?
    Alan- Your brood are going strong and the new male on the scene might mean you are even busier with feeding this year!
    We have been a bit lapse with putting our camera out but food has been going every now and then.
    Put the camera out yesterday and food and ………..Big Leg the newest amputee came out of the hedgehog house had a feed and wander got some more bedding and back into the house.
    Soooooooooooooo happy. Really hope he continues to cope.

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    Hi Simbo65

    Glad to hear that Big Leg is doing o.k. Yes it is Siili who disappeared – towards the end of January. I hope she’s just hibernating late – wouldn’t be too surprising after her disrupted year, but always worrying. Fingers crossed she eventually returns.


    Hi Simbo65, your comment did cross my mind 😀. Might have to start a new housing development. Good to hear Big Leg is doing well.


    Just remember those hedgehog highways in your new development!!
    Sooooo good to hear what a success you are having. Well done you.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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