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Slugs eating food!

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    Hi Baldwin hedgehog,

    Interesting about the wild garlic, we have it in our garden and it too is taking over, thankfully it‘s easy to keep under control. I haven’t noticed any hedgehogs dining on it, but I will keep be keeping a look out in future. We’ve only had one hedgehog with the ‘runs’ this year and I managed to work out which one it was from the camera footage (sad I know!) after a week of pumpkin seed garnish he was back to normal, so I assume that it worked, hope this helps.


    Thanks Penny,
    that is good advise, i’ll be sure to keep checking poo if any one develops the runs i’ll get the camera out. if only the hogs new all this stuff was going on in the background i’m sure they’d be very grateful.
    i do have purple poo’s at the moment any idea’s. Hedgehogs with purple poo anyone? its not your standard egg heads or pub quiz question is it

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    Hi Baldwin hedgehog

    It does make me laugh sometimes – all the talk about hog poos! Not sure about purple poo, though. I hope there isn’t some new type of purple slug pellet or rat poison. Can’t see them eating beetroot, somehow – but you never can tell! My guess would be something they’ve eaten – but it is only a guess.

    Not sure hogs really do grateful – sad to say. But I can’t see that stopping us all trying to help them!


    Thankfully everyone in my area doesn’t use slug pellets or poison, i’m fairly confident its blackberries. Our blackberry bush has dropped all the berries now so my next job is to go collect some more and freeze them. don’t know why i hadn’t thought of it before. Free healthy hedgehog food.
    I’ve just had an excited near neighbour knock on my door. i put a hole under her fence about 3 months ago. she’d never had hedgehogs before, no surprise because her garden was hedgehog proof. not any more. Everybody loves em but don’t always think to do something about it. She’s over the moon

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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