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    I have always noticed a smell at the bottom of my garden, I had been putting it down to the neighbours cats . Hedgehogs were always visiting my garden as I frequently saw their droppings in the garden, but I’ve only recently started feeding them .

    The smell is a lot stronger recently and I’m wondering if hedgehogs can cause a smell ? There’s two Hedgehog boxes in place there now, and two regular lodgers in the boxes .

    It doesn’t bother me and I wouldn’t try and get rid of the smell or anything , just wondering if the smell could be coming from the hogs ?

    Thanks .

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    Hi Gr8mums

    I haven’t ever come across a strong smell in a certain area from hedgehogs. If they are eating a mostly natural diet, I don’t think the poos smell all that much either, although they do tend to smell more if they’ve been eating a lot of cat food, i.e. if they are being cared for, for some reason.

    They do apparently emit a smell if they are very frightened. I had a dog get into my garden once and it attacked a hedgehog. I could smell a sort of foxy smell and so to start with thought it was a fox. I was later told it may have been the hedgehog emitting the smell. But that was only temporary.

    I have in the past sometimes had male cats spraying in my garden and that can be quite smelly and it also seems to hang around for a while. But it is quite a distinctive smell, which you may be familiar with, but they do tend to keep re-spraying the same place.

    I expect you’ve already thought of the possibility of something dead? Or maybe it’s the wrong type of smell?

    Difficult to say. Let us know if you solve the mystery.


    Hi Gr8mums,

    I would also imagine that it’s male cats spraying. They have regularly been picked up on our cameras spraying around the hedgehog houses and I have often wondered if thats why the hogs vacate them.



    Thanks for the replies.

    I think my original guess was right and it’s just cats making the smell.
    The hogs seem fine and whatever it is , it doesnt seem to bothering them.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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