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Some Advice needed

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    Hello, I just joined this site because I think I am going to need help.
    Two hedgehogs have taken residence in our garage, One is smaller (but not a baby) than the other which seems quite large.
    I spotted them sleeping together.
    At night they come out and eat cat biscuits (not fish flavour as I read this is not too good for them), and any cat food leftovers and chicken bits, there is also plenty of other “natural” things they might like, insects, slugs etc and of course water.
    I am happy to have them as guests and provide food. We have seen them out together eating with the local cat population that visit my garden and they seem quite happy all together!
    However there is also a beautiful young fox that pops in for food, and I am worried if foxes can harm hedgehogs.
    If there is a male and female they might be having hogglets, and they might be in danger from the cats too, there is plenty of space and hiding places inside the garage for them to have different nests etc, but I would like to know what can I do to ensure their safety.
    Also we have not seen one (the smallest) for three or four days, but it might have gone into hibernation or comes out later and we miss it.
    Are male and female different sizes?
    Thank you for all your help!


    As long as there is enough food the fox probably isn’t an issue, especially if it’s not done anything by now
    This isn’t the breeding season for hogs so they won’t be having hoglets, and cats are not a problem for hogs at all
    Size is not an indicator of sex, it’s just relative to that hog and also to the age of the hog
    The small one may have died if you’ve not seen it for a while, but could have started to hibernate or changed it’s behaviour. Hogs do not need to hibernate.
    Regarding food it doesn’t matter if it’s fish cat food – unless you are buying a really good brand the odds are it will have very little fish in i
    There are a few guides to hedgehogs on here and it may be worth you having a read.
    You could also find your nearest carer for more of a chat


    Thank you @stef for your answer, I do hope they are both all right, I will report if I see him or her, in the meantime I will read some guides and try to find the nearest carer, for any help and advice.
    I buy tins of Sainsburys cat food for fox, cats are always lounging around and they tuck in too! I have to watch when hogs are out to slip them some cat food as otherwise it will be polished off by the cats.
    My own cats eat only chicken and white fish that I cook for them as they seem to have sensitive stomachs (they are mother and two daughters and they seem to have inherited her sensitive trait!) That is why whatever fish they don’t eat I put it out of reach of hoggies for the birds, (magpies seem to like it!)
    The cat biscuits are all natural chicken and turkey and everyone seems to love them! and I make sure it’s plenty of them for all.
    So thank you once again and I will go and do some reading.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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