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Spy camera in hedgehog house

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    I’d like to put a camera inside my hedgehog house but am having trouble finding one which is small enough to fit and works as it needs to. My main problem is that it’s a long way from the house, so needs to be wireless and record to an sd card. I have a wildlife camera watching outside, but I’d love to have something similar inside too.
    The nearest I’ve found are the nanny spy cams, which are relatively cheap but come with not so favourable reviews. Before I buy one to try I thought I’d ask here if anyone has managed to solve this problem.


    I am guessing that you are using the house as a feeding station ?
    Otherwise I would have thought it difficult to get any video when the hog has filled the house with straw/leaves etc. Maybe the cameras used for Bird boxes would work well. They are very wide angle and focus at short range and are small.


    Thanks for your reply. Yes, I’m using the house as a feeding station and the food is being eaten by something, but whatever it is is not setting off my wildlife camera, now being positioned closer and closer to the entrance. I suspect I’m feeding families of mice but really need a camera in there to check.
    The main issue is the distance from the house means I can’t get power or wifi to it, and all of the bird box cameras I’ve found need one or both.

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    Hi Bobbie0

    Hog are notoriously clever at evading cameras – hence if you look back through forum entries you will find mention of invisibility cloaks! You might actually find that the camera is too close to the hog house. There is usually a slight delay between when the camera ‘notices’ something is there and when it actually starts working. Just enough time for a hog, mouse, etc. to nip in and out of a hog house. If that is the problem, you might be finding some ’empty’ images coming up from the camera?

    I know it might sound counter intuitive, but I would try the camera a bit further away, if possible. Then there is more space/time space between when it’s triggered and the hog gets into the feed box. i.e. gives the camera more of a chance to capture something.


    Aha, that’s interesting! I hadn’t considered that and I’ e gradually been moving the camera closer and closer so that I was sure to catch it. I do get both photos and videos with nothing in them so maybe that’s when it’s nipping in and out of the house. I’ll move the camera back tonight and see if I catch anything. Thanks for your help!


    Sorry…….I accidentally pressed report instead of reply and now I can’t undo it and have reported your post! Really sorry!!

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    Hi BobbieO

    Don’t worry about the reporting – it happens sometimes! Good luck with the camera.


    Have to say I named a hog I was seeing ‘Magic Hog’ for a while as it would magically appear and disappear, so yeah I think they do have invisibility cloaks – either that or my camera has a bit of a delay. Probs cloaks though.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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