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Still feeding

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    Oh dear , not good news 😕

    I’ve just downloaded the photos and videos from the camera onto the computer . Much clearer images than on the little camera screen and he looks like he’s missing most of his back left leg and having difficulty moving around .
    I’ve phoned the Scottish SPCA and someone is coming out to look at him

    Keep your fingers crossed he’s ok and they don’t advise PTS . 😕

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    Oh no. What a shame. Do you have any hedgehog rescues near you. You can find out your nearest one from the BHPS on 01584 890801. Sometimes they have a better idea of how to treat hogs and what they can cope with than even vets, so it might be worth asking. But, that might be why he hasn’t hibernated and is hanging around. Good luck to you and the hog.


    Phew !
    A lovely lady from SSPCA came out and checked him over . She had a look at the pictures and it doesn’t look like an injury more likely he was born that way . He’s really healthy looking , no ticks or fleas and weighs 600gms . She phoned the wildlife centre manager and they were happy for him to stay here . His nest is huge and as he seems to be thriving despite his missing leg , has food and and water near by they said he’s got everything he needs here so no need to remove him .

    I will keep an eye on him and the inspector said if I’ve any concerns I can phone the SSPCA again and they will come back out and check him over again .


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    So pleased for you and the hedgehog. I was really hoping that would be the outcome – brilliant. Good luck. I hope he continues to do well.


    Thanks Nic, I was really concerned earlier that he/she was injured and ill and would have to be taken away or PTS . Silly but I’ve grown quite attached to the hogs . I don’t think this is one of the original hoglets as they definitely all had four legs !

    That’s amazing simbo65 that you’ve got a one eyed visitor , think I will have to name this one Tripod 🦔☺️.

    Will keep you all posted on Tripods adventures.


    Sooooooooo pleased your little one is ok. Back in may I caught footage of a hoggie with a bad back leg. The next night he was worse and went into our hog house for the first time. I got advice and took him to our vet who said his leg had to be amputated. After he recovered we brought him back and put him back in the house. I have footage of him coming out and walking away. We never saw him again and i was so upset. Even now I look for a 3 legged hedgehog on the footage.
    I really hope he coped out in the wild ok.
    Please keep us posted on tripod.


    Great news about Tripod (love the name!) sounds like he’s quite settled in your garden so hopefully he will stay around around.

    Sorry to hear about your three legged hog Simbo65, they usually manage ok so I wouldn’t give up hope, he still might turn up one day.

    Keep us posted on the adentures of Tripod and Cyclops…could be a book in there somewhere! 🙂


    That’s interesting to hear of another 3 legged hedgehog, I had a wee look at your profile simbo65 incase we were near each other but nope we are much too far apart for it to be the same hog !

    He left the box yesterday evening at 7.30pm and doesn’t seem to have come back as there was no other pics or videos on the camera . I don’t think any food was eaten last night either , but that has been the pattern recently with it being left for a few nights at a time .
    Hoping I get to see him again before he hibernates 🦔


    I hope he comes back one day. I had read that an injured hoggie should be kept in an enclosed garden but was advised that the thinking had changed and releasing back in the wild so they could breed was the way forward.
    We seem to scare away any hoggies we help. We decided to detick one of our visitors- Big Daddyy- again after advice and removed 17 ticks. Haven’t seen him since but feel pretty sure he had another nest so hoping he has hibernated. A book…….mmmmmmm. Big daddy. Tripod and Cyclops go wild in the undergrowth. It has a certain ring to it!


    OOO another hedgehog addict!! Within days you will have hundreds of video clips and won’t be able to delete any of them – even the ones where the hog just runs like the wind past the viewfinder and doesnt stop!! But you will be compensated by the ones where they scratch and stretch and, if you are lucky, where there is a biffing and rolling standoff with another hog! catching sight of a mouse and /or frog is fun too – and the occasional large orange slug sliming on the inside of the feeding station. we have several visiting cats but none has attempted to get into the feeding station yet – famous last words!! they usually just have a short sniff around and then go. still seeing lots of action – about 40 clips last night starting at just before 8pm and then until about 5.


    After a week of no sightings except of a wee mouse , and the food being untouched I packed the camera away and thought that was it for the winter .

    I was on holiday for a few days and left some fresh food and water out again , and to my surprise on checking it this afternoon when I returned it’s all been eaten . I’m wondering if Tripod is still visiting or if she’s back in the original nesting box ??

    Guess I will be getting the camera set up again !
    I was hoping to put up some Christmas lights on the large tree at the bottom of the garden , but I don’t want to go ahead until I’m sure the hogs are all hibernating.
    Do you think the lights would disturb any visitors?


    No, your Xmas lights won’t disturb them. Well, mine aren’t bothered by any change in lighting but then they live on a large housing estate so the lighting is wildly different every garden they go in. Don’t worry about it unless they are blindingly bright enough to have Boeing 747’s trying to land in your garden.


    Thanks Williamc ! We live quite near Edinburgh airport and are under one of their flight paths , but thankfully have never had any planes attempt to land in the garden 😂


    My resident female, (I assume it’s a she, the big ‘hog that comes around snuffling, snorting and going around in circles isn’t the same as our resident), has been out and about over the last couple of days, in fact she was out after mealworms I’d scattered for the birds this afternoon! She doesn’t seem at all bothered by snow on the ground, there were tracks where she does a regular circuit of the garden and under the fence into next door’s garden.

    Avatar photo

    It’s lovely to hear about the hedgehog there. Please read this post:
    and feed the hedgehog cat/dog/hedgehog food and try to prevent it eating the bird food and mealworms.

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