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Still have a hardy soul visiting.

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    As the title, i’m still having at least one visitor every night. Whether it’s decided not to hibernate or perhaps just leaving it to the last minute i’m not sure. Will just keep putting food out and see what happens.


    My husband has seen one of ‘ours’ this afternoon, inspecting the bird food. Unfortunately as I’m working from home, I was on a call and couldn’t check it out and it had gone by the time I made it outside. I haven’t been putting food out as often as I thought that surely they would be hibernating now, but will put some more out along with the camera, just to make sure it’s OK. I’ve got boxes, paper/recycled wool and my thick garden gloves ready just in case it needs rescuing. Hubby was completely incredulous when I said it needed finding and possibly taking to the vet!

    I’ve got 2 hedgehog houses, and I know one of them lives in the undergrowth under the privet hedge between us and our neighbours.


    Yes I still have one turning up nightly and spending several hours eating the food I put out. I am keeping an eye on him (or her).


    We still have at least one visiting every night, they hibernated earlier last year.

    We now have 3 hay filled hibernacula in the garden so maybe it is just popping out for a top up between naps.


    I haven’t seen any of the local visitors since the first half of October. I think most of them were males so may have all hibernated a bit earlier. I keep putting some dry food in the feeding box just in case and occasionally set the trailcam but only a mouse (and slugs) over the last couple of months. Last winter, I had to get the feeder out in mid-January after I saw a hedghog on the lawn one evening. It was a very good weight and after that date the trailcam recorded footage of hog(s) in the feeder every night right through from January to October. So this winter have decided to keep putting a small amount out, plus water, just in case.

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    Some hogs, especially hoglets decide not to hibernate. If hogs are still around, it’s important to make sure they have food and water available. (I know some of you are already). Dry cat food is probably best in this weather, as wet cat/dog food would be likely to freeze. Water sometimes stays unfrozen if you put it in a wooden hog feeding box or put it in a sheltered place close to a house. But puttting more water out last thing at night at least gives the hogs a chance to access some before it freezes.

    If hogs are still small at this time of year, they may need rescuing. 450g is the suggested weight. If you see any hogs looking on the small side it’s worth weighing them, contacting your local hog carer/rehabilitator and taking their advice.

    Good luck.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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