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Strange commotion yesterday. Any ideas?

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Strange commotion yesterday. Any ideas?

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    I have two hoggie bungalows in the corner of the garden and yesterday afternoon strange things were happening for which I have no explanation,

    Sitting in the garden listening to cricket at about 2pm I heard the common noise of rustling in the corner (about 10m away) which is normally a blackbird hunting through leaves but there was no bird there. Creeping closer I realised it was coming from No2 Bungalow and not just rustling, this was a commotion, it sounded like a hedgehog charging around in the straw inside with some vigour. It went on for about 10-15 minutes. I crept closer and it stopped as if it heard/smelled me and froze. So, backing off, it started up again.

    There was no huffing and snorting so I don’t think it was two hogs in there having a scrap plus it’s the middle of the afternoon. It sounded like a hog that was desperately searching for something and getting quite cross about it! Eventually I spotted a hoggie emerge and head for Bungalow 1. It then went all quiet.

    What would cause that in the middle of the afternoon? It was very hot (albeit total shade where the bungalows are) so trouble sleeping? Bad dream?! Encroachiing creature waking it up? (There aren’t any mice/rats or other animals about). I am at a loss on this one.

    Any ideas?

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    Hi William C

    Your description sounds like the noises I have heard before, but in the night, when a hog had gone in, I thought just for a nap, but it sounded as if he was completely re-arranging the furniture.

    I wonder if it is a female wondering whether to move house and giving the place a thorough check over? Might there be hoglets in bungalow 1? Or maybe she had moved from Bungalow 2 to Bungalow 1 and was checking to make sure no hoglets were left behind? Or maybe she went in there to have a nap away from hoglets because it was so hot, then got confused and wondered where her hoglets were. Just some ideas. Don’t really know!


    Thanks Nic. I do now know what was happening but I still have no idea why we were doing it at 2pm!

    On closer inspection it seems both bungalows are currently let: I heard snoring from one and rustling from the other. What changed was that both bungalow’s piles of spare straw had gone missing in the previous 24 hours so the commotion in No. 2 Hedgehog Close was a bit of manic nest building.

    Why would there be manic nest building at 2 o’clock in the afternoon though? It was 32C at the time so it’s not like we woke up and felt cold! We did sleep through the rest of the day and came out for dinner at about 9pm. All very strange.

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    Hi WilliamC

    Having heard about the antics of your lot, it’s anyone’s guess what their reasons are. They’ve probably got an underground tunnel connecting the bungalows and the nesting material moving is just cover.

    But maybe they thought it might be a good idea to insulate from the heat outside? The females do go out in the day sometimes when it’s hot to get some peace from the hoglets, but it seems a bit extreme rearranging the nest next door when it’s that hot. Don’t think I’ll ever be able to get into the mind of a hedgehog. I sometimes think they just like to keep us all guessing!

    But, seriously, it’s good you’ve got tenants for both your bungalows. Hope that hoglets, or prospective hoglets fitted in somewhere in the scenario.


    I think we have probably got mums or mums to be in both bungalows. Last night there was obviously some rampant nest building going on in No.1 since the fresh piles of spare straw have both gone again with the trail of bits all heading to No.1. No. 2 has also been active with disturbance around the front porch so with it being very mild but there being very active nesting going on it all points to mums rather than lazy blokes just looking for a place to crash. We havn’t had any more commotions in the middle of the afternoon though.

    We could be in for biblical plague of children laying waste to the garden.


    Looks like their dastardly plans for the takeover of your garden and world domination are well and truly underway. An assault on your slippers and now this…things are starting to get serious.

    What happened to Beyonce, did she escape from Camp X-ray or could she be one of your new guards…err tenants??? ๐Ÿ™‚


    Penny – I would indeed normally suspect that they’re seriously up to something in their ghetto in the corner but unfortunately all is not rosey in the hog enclave. One of the two back there is obviously not very well and has given me a proper Catch-22. She’s is attracting flies which would normally mean it’s time for Camp X-Ray but I’m convinced she’s got sprogs back there so I can’t really disturb the situation until they’ve left home (BHPS agreed with me when I rang them). I can’t really check the nest to verify hoglets cos that could spell disaster too. I’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

    Meanwhile, talking of Camp X-Ray, I’m afraid Beyonce and Chardonnay didn’t survive to come home which is why I’ve re-let their proposed bungalows.


    Wow William, that really is a dilemma. Just a thought…Hedgehog Bottom rescue have recordings of hoggy noises and their different meanings on their website, it might just give you some idea of what is going on in there.

    So sorry to hear about Beyonce and Chardonnay, I thought that they had made it through and were waiting to come home. ๐Ÿ™

    Best of luck with the little ones, I’ve got all my fingers crossed.


    Well, that was strange. I’ve just met a very determined hog from one of the bungalows. She came out for a scoff and a drink then hurried home (one assumes to the kidz) BUT we were so determined to do what we were out for that we completely ignored me!

    Not a flinch when my camera was clicking, just kept eating. Then she spilled the water but was clearly gasping because she was licking everywhere for a drop. I went and got more water and she let me refill the dish while she was standing in it without her doing the “freeze” routine! She just carried on as if I wasn’t there. I’ve never seen that happen. Very weird indeed.

    The downside is she is now called Jaqueline, or Jaqs, sadly it’s short for her full name: One-Eyed Jaqs ๐Ÿ™

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