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    Hi Hettihog, I could kick myself… I mustn’t have been thinking straight when I cleaned the feeding box out last… I’ve put the bricks back (I think) too near to the entrance stopping my little and big ones getting in! How stupid.! I’ve been out this afternoon, talking to the door behind which they hide away (if they are there) and again tonight. I’ve knocked gently on the door and told them to “come along dinner is served” so you see, quite as mad as you are. Bank hols and the strimmer, mowers and hedge trimmers are out along with the good weather. I’m cringing listening to them. Thanks for your good wishes regarding hubby, but it’s not going well and this health service at the moment isn’t good at all. I’ve had to drag the poor man into taxi’s and be taken miles away to see out of hours Dr’s. He’s spent days in hospital and come home on 3 meds they’ve not even checked out to see if they work or don’t cause problems and it’s now Bank hols, so unlikely to get any help till Tues, if then. As for your camera I guess it is trial and error getting it right, I’ve still not used mine. They seem to charge an awful lot for these things and although I’ve bought it at a reasonable price I keep thinking of the batteries I’m going to have to put in and keep changing. With yours and mine for that matter, I wonder if they wont pick up small things that move fast, like mice. The amount of times I have to really slow down and freeze the cctv to actually see one of the numerous cats that fly past. So, let’s hope it’s nothing but your hogs who are eating the food. Very best wishes.


    Hi Annker
    Well you talking to the door amused me greatly! It’s good to know my kind of madness is not an isolated case! Lol
    So sorry to hear about the trials your faced with in securing high quality health care for hubby, the ongoing reduction in funding adequate health & support services is so frustrating and one of the main reasons I took early retirement from social work. I do hope hubby feels better soon.

    As for my camera, I think I have finally sorted it out and I got some great video last night. I’ve read the operation manual several times, Googled the technical terms that might as well be written in Chinese lol and tried various combinations of settings and Eureka! I think I’ve done it!
    I understand your concerns about the battery life and cost, but I’ve not found the batteries to be a problem thus far. I initially thought the batteries would die quite quickly and made sure I had a replacement set. But I’ve been using the alkaline batteries for months now and the camera display continues to reflect 100% life left.
    As far as picking up images, my camera doesn’t seem to flow, for example last night it picked up Hetty going in the feeding, but not coming out! I think it must be the delay setting or some other technical thing that my brain is unable to compute lol! I would normally ask hubby ! But he has reached his full potential as far as hog tolerance is concerned Lol! When I mention anything hog related, you can see him physically and mentally turn off now, but we’ve been married for 44yrs this year, so I think he is use to my eccentric ways and takes the road of happy wife happy life lol!

    Ive not seen Big Bruiser for a week now and I’ve decided to reduce the wet food I put out from tonight to avoid waste – when the hogs don’t turn up as expected, it’s a worry. But also a good reminder that they are wild animals and we are blessed to have them visit on their terms, even for a short time.

    Hetty is doing well and looks in great shape. I’ve managed to talk my daughter into hog sitting again in September ( for a small cost) to cover my wedding anniversary holiday. So fingers crossed Hetty will remain in good shape and be well prepared at the end of the year for the big sleep!

    You take care, keep talking to the door! 😂 Sendings best wishes to that poorly man of yours for a speedy recovery! x


    Hi Hettihog, has your camera got a power saving device? If so, disable it, as if you don’t it will be slow to pick up movement! For many years now I’ve said, “why do all these instructions you have to read so complicated?” Well, my trail camera came with picture instruction! Yehhh you say…. No. It hasn’t helped at all! My talking to the door late last night had no effect either. No food or water gone. Now getting worried. It’s another warm day, sometimes dull, but if the weather remains dry they may come back soon. I’m so glad yours are doing well. I see, like me you are a stayer. We’ve been married 48 yrs. My hubby is going slightly deaf though so can very easily ignore me, or tell me he never heard me say something anyway! He is still poorly though and keeps nodding off in the chair as won’t stay in bed at all. To be honest, I lost count of the times I had to tell the hospital of major events with his health, only to be told they can’t get at it on the computer! Oh well, hopefully it will get sorted. I must get that camera out soon, the trouble is, whoever planned this garden didn’t go for many evergreens. A shame as it gives the little birds somewhere to shelter in winter. I’ve been talking to the door this morning so will also go and talk to it later tonight. I sometimes put some treats under the door and think I may do that tonight. Very best wishes.


    I have a missing hedgehog aswell, he visits every night and very regularly, called him Huffy, as I recognise him as he constantly huffs, but I haven’t seen him lately.

    However, I’m yet to get my camera, and I only see them when I’m sat on my porch, hopefully, he has visited and all is well, but I just haven’t seen him.

    I just worry that he might have been killed on a road nearby – I hope I see him soon.

    The other week, he made a nest in my garden, but I realise now it must have just been a one night nest or a nest to have a rest in between snacks, as I’m sure he’s not using it now.

    Such a shame, I hope he returns.

    All the food is getting eaten every night, and they are drinking nearly all of the water each night – I guess their trying to fatten up as autumn is just around the corner.


    I had marked Hedgehogs for a while round me a few years back, it appears to have stopped at the start of this year though

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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