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Such a shame

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    Went to visit my son in Daventry this weekend and was saddened to see two dead hogs within a few yards of each other on the road up to our hotel. Just wish people would drive with a bit more thought for these lovely quirky creatures.

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    That is sad. Such a waste. As I saw mentioned somewhere else, people would try to a void a small rock if they saw one in the road. It seems people just drive too fast – always in too much of a hurry.

    It might be worth entering the two poor hogs on the Big Hedgehog Map – accessed via the home page of Hedgehog Street. It all helps to show a better picture of what is happening with the hogs.


    Feeling rather despondent today. We too have had another road casualty (Nic – you may remember I mentioned the last two on another thread recently). We think the hog was one that we had seen the other night and appearing rather lame. Whether this was a contributory factor in its demise I don’t know, but every time this happens it feels like a dagger through the heart. It is a difficult dilemma as we do not want to block them from going about their business (not least because it could limit their ability to find mates), but at the same time this loss just feels so senseless. I really wish people would take more care (perhaps it is a city mentality – who knows). As you say Nic, they’d avoid a rock wouldn’t they? Anyway, this leaves us with three hedgehogs that we know about (I am hoping we have, or will have more). I’m really praying that we can still get the numbers up this year, particularly after our efforts with the hibernation boxes etc. over winter.


    So sad, especially when they are such charming creatures. Hopefully there will be babies this year as compensation.

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    Really sad to hear that, Laurence. So far this year, there has been one local hog killed on the road (that I know of). A fairly rural area, so it’s not only city mentality. A slip road off the dual carriageway, so they should have been slowing down ready to meet the minor road. Another was, again, a rural hog on a fairly minor road about 10 miles away, but last year in the same area there were about 8. I don’t know how a population can cope with that amount of loss. Similar to you, my heart always sinks when I see another one.

    I now only have one female hog visiting as opposed to 5 last year and in previous years. Very worrying. She is the oldest as well, but hopefully will have hoglets this year.

    I really recommend that you put the hog on the Big Hedgehog Map (accessed from home page of Hedgehog Street)- there is a roadkill category. Sounds horrid, but I felt that I was making a mark in memory of the poor hog here, to help the remaining members of his/her species. I know the map sometimes takes a while, but I think serves a useful purpose. I have found out recently that they really want people to enter live hogs each year (so they can see trends), and I understand they are going to make some improvements, so it may not take so long in the future.

    The problem is, the hogs really do need to wander around. The only thing we can really do to help, is to encourage people to make holes in fences, etc. so that the hogs don’t have to go on the roads so much. I think you have already been doing that and we can only do our best. I’m not sure how much difference road signs would make, but maybe in hot spots they may help.

    Meanwhile keep treasuring the hogs that are left and hope for the patter of hoglet feet to cheer us all up!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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