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Surprise guest

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    Twice yesterday, 09/10/22 we caught a hedgehog in our home eating our cats food, once in the morning then about 8 pmish

    How can we stop it coming in the home? don’t mind it in the garden

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    Hi only me

    Sounds like a hungry hedgehog! You don’t say whether you also provide food and water for the hogs outside (I.e. cat/dog/meaty hog food), or how it got into the house. Or how early in the morning – i.e. was it still quite dark?

    If it got in through the door, I would make sure you keep the door shut. Just bear in mind that if a hog got in (regardless of how it got in), it would be extremely easy for i.e. a rat to get in. If it was through a cat flap, that is more difficult, but feeding the hog outside might solve the problem.

    So if you don’t already leave food for the hog outside, that might be a good thing to do (as well as water). Cat food is fine for them, if that is what you already have. But, if the hog was out during daylight, it may have been because it was unwell. If you are ever worried about a hog, the best thing to do is to contact your nearest hog carer/rehabilitator. You will be able to discuss the situation with them in more detail than is possible on the Forum. (you can get contact details by ringing BHPS on 01584 890801 – No. also bottom left of this page).

    Good luck.


    Only ever seen it whilst dark, early morning and at night,

    When it came in, it didn’t touch the water, it only went for the cat biscuits, I’ve now placed a bowl of biscuits and water outside, again. hardly touched the water.

    The cat biscuits are Purina One Chicken and Wholegrain.

    We are currently waiting for a catflap to be fitted, so that’s how the hedgehog is getting in.

    We’ve even given the hedgehog a name, I know, highly original, Sonic

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    Hi onlyme

    Sounds like the hog was just being opportunistic then – they are good at that! A very enterprising hog. Years ago we had some semi-outdoor cats which were fed outside the door and a hedgehog often used to turn up to eat any remains. Hopefully now you’re providing the hog with its own supply of food and water it will stay outside.

    Love it that you’ve named the hog alreaady!


    The surprise guest was back inside the home again today, about 2 hours ago I felt something cold and wet on my foot, I thought it was our cat so ignored it, then I seen the cat out of the corner of my eye across the room, I looked down only to see Sonic sniffing my foot. Sonic was in last night as well


    Will Sonic be expecting a Christmas stocking? It seems to have adopted you 🙂
    Hopefully it will discover the food/water outside soon and revert to more natural behaviour.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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