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The Badger and the hedgehog

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    We need some help with a concern: We have done really well establishing a small hedgehog population in our rural garden. We have night vision cameras in the garden and can see the lovely creatures come to the feeder. We have never seen a badger until last night and now we are scared for our hedgehogs. Can anyone help? Is the badger going to attack our hedgehogs and if so is there anything we can do to protect our precious little group? Thanks so much. Soren


    Hi Soren,

    The badger was actually in your garden? Was it eating the food you put out? How did it get access and is there any way you can block it off? Hopefully it was just passing through and you won’t see it again. They can be dangerous to hogs definitely so having both together is not good. With luck it was just a one off.


    Dear Kitty, Yes it came into the garden eating slugs. It can’t get to the hedgehog food as we keep that in a feeder house that only the hogs have access to. Hopefully it was just a one off but if you know of any way to scare off the badger let me know!

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    Hi Soren

    You are wise to keep the food away from the badgers, although be aware that they can break through wood with their strong claws to access it. You might be best not to feed the hogs until you are sure that the badger has moved on.

    There isn’t really any reliable way to scare badgers away – they would likely come back. Some claim that male urine and lion manure are deterrants and you could try lights that are triggered by movement. Although, strong smelling substances might also deter hedgehogs.

    But if it gets no food it might stay away. The hogs are most at risk when they arriving at, leaving and eating at feeding stations. Hogs tend to move away if badgers become resident. But sometimes it is a badger looking for a new home and it moves on. Fingers crossed that is the case this time.


    Thank you Nic. That is very helpful. We have removed the feeder house and food for now to make sure it does not endanger the hogs coming in and out of there whilst the badger is around and will monitor the situation over the next few nights. Thanks so much for your comprehensive reply! Regards Soren

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    You’re welcome, Soren. I really hope the badger disappears again and all returns to peace and harmony for the hedgehogs. Good luck.


    Earlier in the year I posted an image of a badger carrying off one of my hogs.. the rest of my hogs vanished and the badger came back once and not seen since.. has taken about three months but my hogs are back (minus 1) and no sigh of the badger. Shame you cannot have both!


    One of the ways of “moving on” badgers is to play a radio, set to a talking station (I’ve heard they don’t like radio 4). You could try a wind up waterproof one or one in a waterproof case. No idea if this will upset the Hogs though.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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