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They're winding me up already!

Home Forums Hedgehog tales They're winding me up already!

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    I am well used to hedgehog naughtiness and how they will deliberately do the exact opposite of what you want them to do just, well, because they can. They’ve started early this year though; April is normally a time when they just do what you expect and eat everything thrown at them whilst leaving poo everywhere and generally just being hogs before the insurrection sets in later in the year.

    This year they’re being silly already. Little things like moving their dishes from one side of the garden to the other, making an unholy mess with spare hay I leave them and pooing on newly planted geraniums. Now they’ve started the psychological warfare: having determined that nothing was happening around No. 1 Hedgehog Close (No.2 is fully occupied) I put the usual twigs across the doorway to check with the intention of cleaning it out today. Two nights and nothing so that’s today’s plan, then last night the little terrors disturbed the twigs. Thanks guys, are you actually living there or just being annoying?

    They seem to know in advance what your plans are and set out to frustrate them. They’d have got a spring clean and fresh hay out of it but apparently that’s nothing compared to the fun of irritating me. So now I’ll have to wait again and check it again. And was it strictly necessary to have a dump right in the middle of the main Hedgehog Highway? Why?!

    It’s going to a long summer.

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    I know what you mean about knowing what your plans are. If I am late putting the food out, they turn up early. So the next night I make sure it is out early and they don’t turn up until 3 hours later!


    we feed ours on a patio at the bottom of the garden next to the shed – and its funny to watch on the cameras back in the house, because as one of us servant humans fills the bowls and refreshes the water etc, you can see them peeping round the shed waiting for the servant to finish this task and then trot out to devour it all.


    Our lot have now moved on from placing the dishes out of camera range, to more sophisticated and advanced means of irritation. Last night’s antics were particularly annoying; one brute emptied the dish on the doorstep and then waited out of sight while some muppet of a human topped it back up again and replaced the saucer lid. Once the coast was clear, he sauntered past, nudged the saucer to one side with his nose and then disappeared without so much of glance as to what was underneath. Unsurprisingly, the next half a dozen clips on the trail cam were of a rather smug feline eating every last morsel…Arghhh!

    Then there’s the odd behaviour in the feeding station; for two nights running the bowl on the left has remained untouched whilst the bowl on the right has been licked clean. Their toilet etiquette seems to have improved of late, so I doubt that cross contamination is the reason. Maybe they just prefer the plain bowl on the right and have taken offence to the mice and rabbits that decorate the one on the left…who knows!


    Mischief! Got to love them for it though.


    Oh, and another thing, when one kindly puts out an extra dish of water due to the weather they could at least do me the courtesy of drinking it! The dinner has all gone but neither water dish was touched. Fussy little gits they are, they probably thought it was the wrong kind of water or I’d put the dishes in the wrong place. Or that they wanted gin instead?

    And did they have to break the stems of the new clematis I planted this week?

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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