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This is the nicest forum on the internet

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    There’s lots of things about this forum that we do right, really well actually.

    It’s an amazing place to get help and advice. I have learnt an incredible amount about hedgehogs which was vital for me to ensure I’m giving them the right food. Not just that – there is over things, like knowing how much a hoglet should weigh to survive during the winter – knowing when to rescue a hedgehog (i.e. out in the day). Plus many other things I didn’t know about.

    But not only that, it is a very supportive atmosphere – people are good at giving you information when you have a question. There is a lot of respect for each other on here, no one is flaming or criticising anyone. (there might have been the odd occasion where someone isn’t willing to take on the advice from the experts, Stef and Nic), but the message always gets across in a very sensitive way, without any form of bullying. Just information.

    And usually, we keep on topic (I might be the one to blame for not doing this now and again!).

    And I think, it’s a safe place for younger people to learn about hedgehogs.

    There’s not many places on the internet nowadays where people speak to each other respectfully. I have found there is a lot of misinformation out there on the web, but here I at least we stick to the facts.

    But then again, it’s vital for the hedghogs we love so much. It’s the hedgehogs who benefit the most from this forum.


    Very well put. I for one have been very grateful for this forum. The information one can read here is very valuable to people that want to do the best for their prickly visitors.



    And the fact that rescue centres point people, I believe, in the Hedgehog Street’s direction.

    Also I noticed some time ago, that when the BBC has highlighted certain issues about our beloved hedgehogs. They do put links into their online article that directs the reader to this forum. They say things ‘There are xxxxx number of Hedgehog Champions in the UK.’ With a link to here.

    So that’s another additional reason why we have to continue to be respectful and helpful.


    I think it’s a great forum also. I’ve always liked hedgehogs and enjoyed seeing them but it wasn’t until I saw one in the back garden in April, and because of the lockdown I had a bit more time on my hands, that I decided to try and make the front and back garden more hedgehog friendly.

    This forum was very helpful in providing advice and I have learnt a lot about hogs I didn’t know before. I’ve passed information I learnt on to family, friends and neighbours and this has encouraged some of them to also help hedgehogs so hopefully I’m doing my bit to spread the word.

    Caring about your local wildlife is such a benevolent issue, everyone here has the wellbeing of hedgehogs at heart and has the same goal so we avoid some of the conflict and nastiness other forums have because we’re all basically on the same page about what we’re trying to do.


    Well said Mr.Snuffler. As a result of his activities and coupled with lockdown boredom, I joined in the hoggy fun and now have 2 wildlife cameras, a hog house, a feeding station (basically a plastic storage box turned upside down with a plant pot with the bottom cut out to make the entry way – a hedgy can fit in, but a cat can’t – seems to work great). Not much action for a week or so when I set the cams up so I was a sad panda. A month later, I’ve got 2 resident hogs and at least 2 others that visit fairly often. Every morning I get up wondering what kind of activity I captured from the night before – often it’s like a town centre on a Saturday night – we’ve got hogs eating out, drinking loads, getting into fights with each other and trying to chat up the ladies. Only thing missing is a hoggy police van.
    So thanks Bushsnuffler – is nice to help the hoggies and they sure are entertaining 🙂


    I agree with you what you have said Bushsnuffler

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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