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Three legged hog

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    We have recently found a hedgehog with a missing back foot, took her to a rescue and all infection is now cleared up. We were advise to keep her in for a week before releasing back to the wild which is what we’ll do.

    Our only worry is she’s scratching a lot with the footless leg – presumably without a foot it’s a fairly ineffective scratch.

    We don’t want to intervene as we are aware any kind of imprinting is bad, but once she’s back in the wild then we won’t be able to anyway. We were just wondering if this is just the way it will be for here and something she will have to just get used to.

    Or maybe we just stop worrying and once she’s back out there she will find some vegetation to rub against. Has anyone else come across this.


    Hi Mr. Lucky

    Your best bet is to ask the people who treated her. They may have experience of other hogs with similar injuries. Although you might be lucky and someone else on here might know.

    Good luck with the hog. I hope she’s o.k. and does well back in the wild.


    Hi Mr Lucky
    My most recent experience with an injured hedgehog involved him having a back leg amputated at the vet. They kept him until all wounds had healed. Ideally he would have gone to a rescue centre for rehab but due to autumn hoglets there was no room for him. We did a soft release here and put him back into the hedgehog house he used. Within a couple of days he hibernated. He weighed in at over a kilo and happy to say he survived hibernation. He has been eating food we leave but has also ventured out as we have gaps of hours when he goes off. He disappeared for a few days and I must admit I thought the worst but he is back and sharing the HH house with another male HH (who moved in). He doesn’t have the best walk in the world but seems to be getting around well and even have some footage of him giving another HH a bit of a biff.
    I am no expert but I would like to think this little fellow is happier in the wild than being enclosed and sometimes we just have to let nature take it’s course.
    Let us know how you go with your HH.
    All the best

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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