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Ticks on hogs

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    Hi everyone. Not been around for a while but still read the site! I have at least 3 hogs visiting this year & capture them on camera every night. I have one at the moment which seems to have at least a dozen ticks on it. It looks well enough but I realise we can’t always tell. Just wondering what other folks on here would do, would you leave it be or try & catch it to get the ticks removed at the local rescue hospital? Thanks for any advice.


    Hi Ann,
    Ticks are a pain. Having taken advice in the past from various sources I would probably take him/her to be deticked. We have now learnt how to do it and have done a few ourselves
    One person told me 3 ticks were too many, another said over 6……so I would get one with a dozen looked at if I could catch him.
    I am sure you know BUT please keep well covered when handling hedgehogs. Fleas are hedgehog specific but ticks are not. Wear good gloves and keep exposed skin as covered as possible as a precaution.
    Let us know how you get on.



    Thanks Simbo65. I will try and catch it. We go to bed before they come out as we are up early so my best bet is to try and catch it early morning which may not be a bad thing as it won’t be locked up for as long! I will also phone our local hospital to have a chat to see if they will de-tick while I wait (as mentioned elsewhere on the forum). Thanks for the heads up on protection, I have had a tick a couple of years ago in Scotland,thankfully I found it the day after it got to me! On a weird note, it was useful to actually see one in the flesh (no pun intented!) rather than just on a leaflet! Tick removers always in the first aid kit! Will keep you posted on the hog.


    Good luck with catching him/her.

    If you do manage to get it somewhere for tick removal and you would like to do it yourself in the future, ask if then can show you. It’s the same as removing from a dog and I assume yourself. The bit to get right is NOT LEAVING ANY IN so there is a knack. The other bit is getting your little friend to unroll. We use a soft toothbrush gently stroked along the spines which worked!
    Probably best to have someone show you and try it while you are there to see how you feel about doing it.
    Keep us posted



    Hi Simbo65

    No luck as yet with capturing the hog! Stayed up till 11pm on Saturday but nothing, typical that it’s usually around about 9.30pm!!! Only had camera trap out once & caught what I think is the on at 1.30am! If it is (& I’m pretty sure it is from size & skirt,etc) then it seems to have lost some of the ticks thankfully. I did phone our local hospital & they said to bring it in if I could but not to worry too much unless out in the day. Will keep you posted!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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