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    HI saw someone give this camera a good review but can’t find the post.
    Can I use rechargeable batteries in this?
    Yet again I have a broken camera.

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    Hi simbo65

    The cameras I have, have all said best to use ordinary batteries. But I do use rechargeable ones. I just got through way too many of the others not to. I wonder if part of the reason is that rechargeable batteries are only 1.2v – ordinary ones 1.5v (all mine use AA batteries). Most cameras seem to require 6v. Some say they will work with only four batteries, so that rechargeable ones wouldn’t have enough v. So I always use the full 8. One of my cameras needs the batteries changing daily, but the other, where there’s less activity will sometimes last a few days.


    Thanks Nic.
    We did try normal batteries at first but they just didn’t last long enough.
    I will order a new camera later.
    Any news on your little strimmer hog?
    Cyclops won’t leave the original house although she has had a look at the new one when we put food in there to encourage her, so at least she knows it is there. I am hoping that maybe she still might use it if she does have hoglets. She has been caught in the act and we have had at least 2 males visiting the feeding station.
    I am beginning to worry because we are going away in June for 3 weeks. I am going to have 2 friends checking water and food. We have just taken delivery of gravity fed water and food containers. I’m a bit concerned the water dish might be a bit deep. What do you think the maximum depth should be? We ordered them so that they would only need to be checked every 3 days…..oh the worry of making sure they are OK!

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    Hi simbo65

    Cyclops certainly seems to have a mind of her own!

    The strimmer hog is apparently doing well. The wound has healed up and beginning to shrink a bit. No spines yet, but apparently they are likely to grow again. Not surprisingly the poor hog is beginning to get restless, so presumably feeling better, but not ready for release a while yet.

    Sounds like you have made good arrangements for being away with two friends checking in. Cyclops should be fine with so many attendants! Try to enjoy your holiday!

    Re. the water dish. The most important thing is that they can get out of it if they get in. Is there anything you could rig up so that that’s the case. Alternatively is it posssible to fill the dish partly with stones/pebbles so that they can still drink between them, but would ensure no-one got stuck in there? Might help to keep it more stable, as well – but might depend on the design as to whether it’s feasible.

    I know it’s a bit short notice, but I have a large saucer 7cm deep (measured externally so slightly shallower if you substract the depth of the base). That is probably about twice the depth of my other saucers, but I have boggy plants and moss growing in it, so that if anything gets in it can just climb up the bank of plants and get out easily. I do have to clear an area of water now and then, but both birds and hogs seem to like the arrangement and the plants seem to help keep the water clear. Longer term, it’s possible you could use something similar – depending on the construction.

    Good luck. It will be interesting to hear if it works.


    Hi Nic,
    We have put a very large stone in the dish. The hedgehogs have been using it and get the water from around the stone. It would be very difficult for anything to fall in but hopefully they could climb onto the stone and get out.
    Cyclops seems to have a few gentlemen callers at the moment I think I have identified 3. I think 2 are from last year. She is still in the old house and is out and about during the night, probably on a date but always comes back to the old house at about 5. I suppose there is a possibility that she is building a nest elsewhere for babies….I live in hope!
    We now have our Crevona camera but it keeps flashing. We have it set on video only. I have sent an Email to the company to see if we are doing anything wrong. We haven’t had this with our other cameras.
    Any new news on strimmer hedgehog? Hope he is still doing OK.
    Did you watch the Channel 5 HH programme and what did you think?
    I thought it could have been more informative.


    Hi, I use rechargeable batteries in my Toguard camera with no problems whatsoever, I’d be forever buying new batteries if I didn’t.

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    Hi Simbo 65

    Sorry I didn’t notice your post earlier. Glad to hear the stone is working. No more news about the strimmer hog at the moment. Don’t like to bother them too often, as I know how busy they always are.

    Yes, hopefully Cyclops will make a nest elsewhere if she has hoglets!

    When you mention your camera keeps flashing, I remember an old one I had which did similar – when the batteries started getting low. Also the clips got shorter and shorter, so that I sometimes got about 700+ clips a night! Although a large proportion with nothing on them – but very irritating having to look through them all! I found that it wasn’t quite so bad if I made sure it started off with fully charged batteries each night. But also the batteries that had a higher mAh. I hadn’t realised that there were different rechargeable batteries, previously, but now I tend use ones with 2300 – 2500 mAh. Some of the cheaper ones, i.e. the ones they use in solar lights only have 300 mAh even though they are all still 1.2V. Not really sure what mAh means, but it seems to make the power last longer. Sorry I forgot about that when I was talking about them before.

    Yes, I did watch the HH thing on channel 5, but still need to watch the 2nd part again (I have it recorded), as I wasn’t concentrating properly! But there are always things I wish they would mention which they don’t. But I suppose time is always a factor. Good to have had hogs on TV, though!


    Hi, regarding batteries, map is milli amps, which is the storage capacity of the battery. The volts are the same as always, but the higher the map’s the longer it will store the power, so the longer it will last. You will find a lot of electrical equipment will have maps on the paperwork for adaptors and if you replace an adaptor with the wrong map’s, it won’t work. It’s a maddening thing that they can’t make Rechargables to work at 1.5 volts as ive several twig lights that refuse to work on Rechargables due to them only being 1.2 volts. Hope this helps and good luck.


    Hi Nic,
    Hoping all your hogs are doing well. Any news on strimmer hog?
    I heard our neighbours using a strimmer last week and got anxious. I have asked them to beware in the past and I hope the message stayed with them.
    We have had various hog visits so far this year. From what I can tell, all boys other than Cyclopina. We have Jack, Limpy Lou, Splodge and one I can’t quite give a name too! Limpy Lou has a front leg that he couldn’t put down. He wasn’t staying around long but had been eating and drinking well. It seems to be improving and I have caught him on camera trying to interest Cyclopsina with his huffing! We very rarely see the hogs in the flesh as I can’t stay awake past 10.
    For the last 2 or 3 days Cyclopsina has not stayed in her house. We don’t think she is in the new house (we won’t look) but I have footage of her coming under the side gate into our back garden. I don’t know if she is staying there or going further afield. She came for some food last night – as she has every night but didn’t stay that long and off she went. I am keeping everything crossed that she has got a lovely clean new nest with hoglets! I will give it another few days and if she has definitely decided to vacate the house I will get in for big clean out.
    We go away in a couple of weeks but have 2 lovely friends on food and water duty.
    Maybe we will see her showing her babies the ropes when we get back.

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    Hi Simbo65

    The hogs here seem to be doing o.k., although I’m currently having to do supervised feeding, because of a particularly persisitent rat, so some are missing out on food on the days they don’t turn up early enough.

    The strimmer hog (name Siili – hedgehog in Finnish) is apparently doing well. The wound is all healed up but the spines not grown yet, so may be a couple of weeks. I was a bit worried that they might think the hog shouldn’t come back because of it’s eyes, but now they seem to think it will be o.k. It is always a bit of a worrying time with any hog which has been away for quite a while, but my feeling is, that if Siili is to be completely wild again, this is the best place. He/she survived all winter, so that must say something about his/her survival instincts and knowledge of the area.

    Keep an eye on Limpy Lou’s leg, in case it’s more of a problem than you think. If he was doing the huffing he might be a she! It’s the females who do the huffing during courtship. Sometimes a female will start huffing on the approach of another female – but usually stops once she realises her mistake!

    Glad to hear that Cylopsina has finally moved out! But good that she is still visiting. Fingers crossed that she has some hoglets for when you return from your holiday.


    Hi Nic,
    Really pleased to hear Siili is recovering. What a great name. We were in Finland in February. Fantastic place. We were in the North and it was sooooooo cold but we loved the experience. I hope she does come back to stay with you as ultimately a wild animal should be wild and she has proven that she can survive until the strimmer incident.
    I will keep an eye out for Limpy Lou but the chances of getting him/her are remote as turns up about 2 in the morning.
    Hoping for more Hedgehog action tonight……………

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