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Tunnel question

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    So, the wife has talked me into a new back fence (it is needed) which is going to be a wooden fence atop railway sleepers. Said sleepers will be the outside of the new planters inside the garden. Question is, if I were to make a a big hole in the new sleepers at ground level, run a pipe at ground level across the width of the sleeper (probably half a meter or so) and make an exit hole on the garden side of the planter, would the hedgehogs use this personalised access point or not? I don’t want to unless others have successful experience though. Any thoughts people…


    Hi Londoner62,

    I expect they probably would, providing the diameter was wide enough. I have only built square tunnels onto the hedgehog houses, but some of them have got to be approaching half a metre. If you could make it a square tunnel rather than a pipe that would provide them with more room. I think the diameter of a circular pipe would have to be a little bigger than the normal 12.5 or 13cm used to make hedgehog highways. But considering the entrances made to the hedgehog houses are designed to be small, to stop predators getting in, maybe an access point wouldn’t matter if it was a bit bigger, as long as it’s not big enough to provide access for foxes etc.

    It sounds lovely having the planters forming part of the fence, and I think it shows excellent foresight to build in an access point. How are they currently accessing your garden? I assume there is a gap or gaps in the fence that needs replacing?


    Easiest option would be to use a length of 4″ plastic soil pipe.


    I don’t think 4 inch diameter would be be big enough, some of the hogs are pretty large.


    Yeah, I was thinking a 5″ pipe for size and ease of installation. Does anyone have experience of hogs using something similar as access points to gardens or feed stations and can link me to some pictures or videos?


    Screwfix do 122mm ducting called Manrose, lots of people use it on Feeding Stations successfully.


    I would welcome some advice…
    I have a hog that visits our concrete backyard often. We have made them a feeder that they use as cats also come in the yard. I currently have landscapers in who are redoing the yard, tearing up all of the concrete and making a garden. We have a high wall all around.

    Previously Willow has been coming in under the gate, but so have the cats. To prevent cats coming in I have planned to lower the gate and create 2 x hog size access holes only.

    I am going to have raised beds all around the wall and was going to put the hog access via clay pipes.

    My question is this… if I get the right sized diameter pipe, will my hog go through it if it is 80cm long?

    Would love your advice.

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    Hi BeckyP

    Not sure, are you meaning the pipe instead of the gate for access? 80 cm does sound quite a long distance to me, but have never tried to see. But, I’m not sure you will be able to keep cats out of your garden if hogs can get it. They can squeeeze through susrprisingly small holes. Cats are also quite good at jumping over gates.

    But if I was going to have raised beds, I would try to make some sort of ramps so that the hogs could access the tops of the beds for foraging, etc.


    Cats are very good jumpers indeed. I had on in my garden that jumped over five feet up to the bird feeding tray, Came back down with a sparrow. All caught on a wildlife camera.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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