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Two minutes Swedish TV of maximum 6 hogs daytime feeding

Home Forums Hedgehog signs and sightings Two minutes Swedish TV of maximum 6 hogs daytime feeding

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    A neighbour who feeds hedgehogs. She has from 4-11 during summer evenings. In one picture six are seen simultaneously.

    She has been feeding them for two years. She speaks about what she feeds them and wish them good hibernation.

    It is normal in Sweden to see them in daylight during at least the bright part of the summer. Probably it is an adaptation to the the bright northern summer. Being strictly nocturnal would lead to starvation.


    Lovely video Jens. Thanks for sharing. The lady surely loves the hedgehogs coming into her garden for food.

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    Hi Jens

    It’s good to see that hedgehogs have had an airing on Swedish TV. Sadly, I didn’t understand what the lady was saying, but lovely to see hedgehogs in daylight. You are so lucky. Pretty much the only chance we get to see healthy wild hedgehogs in daylight, here, is in high Summer when occasionally one will arrive just before dark.

    There is one hardy little hog here who has decided not to hibernate and is still around. Mostly caught on the night cam.


    Nic, What temperatures is it since it is not hibernating?
    In the summer, media are very hungry. I called TV at 14.00 (then called her) and the reporter came to her at maybe 18.00 the same day. I came before the reporter. I told her that the reporter would want to film her. first she said that it was just about hedgehogs and I told her thet it would be just half a story without her. The reporter was very nice. In the end she was very happy with the show.
    She tells that, she makes pancakes without milk, moisturised dogfood and sometimes cheese. She tells that feeding them and the dog is more important than caring for herself.

    She says that earlier it wasn’t so many (it was the second year of feeding). That they started to come sometimes during the spring and gradually more and this evening 10.

    She also tells about neighbours coming to watch. And in the end she worries about hibernation.

    In the middle the reporter tells some facts about how old evolutionary they are, natural food and amount of needles.

    Not in the show: Since there are so many, she even sweeps up the droppings from the lawn 🙂

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    Hi Jens
    We have had some fairly mild spells interspersed with colder ones. I don’t record the temperature, but recall one night it was forecast to be minus 6 degrees C. We are in the countryside so it may have been a bit colder than that. Not as cold as you get there, I imagine, but I wouldn’t want to be out all night in it! The little hog doesn’t seem to mind at all. She has a nice cosy nest which she made in one of the boxes and her food in another box a couple of metres away. She often seems to disappear into her nest box for about 2 hours and then is seen going back into the feeding box. But, she does explore further afield as I often see her ‘trotting’ away from the feeding area on the video and I think she must have another nest elsewhere.

    Thank you for telling us what your friend was saying on the TV. Even without understanding the words it came over that she loves the hedgehogs. Just a thought – it might be a good idea to encourage her to cut out the pancakes. Their natural diet is high in protein and pancakes would be high in carbohydrates, which could lead to over weight hedgehogs if they have too many. They will eat all sorts of things which are not necessarily good for them. Dog/cat food or good quality hedgehog food is best. Even cheese may be too high in fat. Just make sure she doesn’t switch to mealworms – I expect you have read about the dangers of those on the forum.

    I imagine she must get a lot of droppings to sweep up with all those hedgehogs there at once! I have a feeling that other hedgehogs being around encourages them to produce more droppings. Maybe stress, or maybe there is some sort of message in the scent. I don’t know.

    I think hibernation is bit of a worrying time for all who love hedgehogs. There is no guarantee that even an apparently healthy hedgehog will make it through. (Even the little one who is not hibernating is a worry – trying to make sure there is food available for her without another animal eating it.) We just have to hope they keep safe, and it is such a delight when our little friends return in the Spring.

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