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Unusual Behaviour?

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    Probably a blip Nic. Some of mine go missing for a few days and then turn up again. Perhaps Digger has found a consort more to her liking? In September when all the spiders come out I noticed a lot of our hogs disappeared for a time. I’m assuming hedgehogs eat spiders? But if it wasn’t the spiders they were after, something else must have attacted them away for a while.

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    The trouble with that is that I’ve known Digger, as an adult since at least 2014 (she must have been born at the latest 2013) and she is pretty regular in her habits. The only time she isn’t is when she has hoglets and it’s much too early for that. If her disappearing wouldn’t be bad enough, she is the only one of the females I have seen this year. One was last seen in mid-August last year, another early in September and two others were overwintered (underweight autumn hoglets) in 2016/17 so this was their first hibernation. I haven’t seen any of them this year. Generations of hogs have been visiting here, so it would be really odd if they suddenly stopped if they were still around. But, I won’t give up hoping for the return of Digger just yet.

    Not sure about the spiders, but some of the boys go to hibernate in September, so it may have been that.


    Hi Nic, MrsHogoftheHedge,

    If there’s one thing that we DO know about hedgehogs, it is that they are unpredictable, so I think that there is every chance that Digger will show up. There could well be a persistent male suitor around who has disrupted her nightly routine and with their courtship lasting several hours it’s not surprising that they can get delayed from time to time. I seem to remember reading a story on here once of a stalker who would wait outside a ladies hedgehog house every evening for the object of his desire to emerge.

    The young female in the video Nic is Nagini. She is still quite small, but I think that it is because the males don’t leave her alone for long enough to find enough to eat. I am not sure who the male is yet, but I think that he is very sweet (unlike most of the other yobs!) I can almost visualise him turning up with a bunch of flowers and a box of chocolates…perhaps I should name him Romeo.


    I almost forgot to mention, I don’t know if this has any relevance, but leading up to the full moon the other night, the hogs had been turning up later and later. They had been arriving at around 9.00-9.30 ish, but then it gradually got to way past midnight before the first diner would arrive. Since the full moon they have been turning up from 7.00pm onwards, even before I have had chance to put their dinner out. Last night at 9.00pm there were two in the feeding station, two on the doorstep and one running like the clappers across the patio!

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    Hi Penny

    The male suitor thing is the only thing I can think of that might be keeping Digger away, especially if females are in short supply. But she hasn’t been seen on any of the cams either and she is very obvious even on film. The hogs mostly enter my garden under a gate at the end of the garden, so if a male hog lay in wait he could waylay a female. It has happened before with one of the other females. She was forever getting held up down the end of the garden, but I always did think she was a bit of a one for the boys! Having said that, Digger is usually quite good at putting the boys in their place if she isn’t interested.

    So that’s the famous Nagini. She looks really cute, unlike her namesake! That is the worry that the males pester them so much that they don’t have much chance to eat. I often think of the males a bit like Romeos, too, especially the older ones. The way they put their heads down and to the side – they often look quite gentle – unlike their appearance when they are in biffing mode! The younger males on the other hand have no finesse – just barge straight in and consequently usually don’t get anywhere!

    That’s really interesting about the moon. Will have to start making a note of moon phases in my notes!

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    She’s back! Naughty Digger – don’t know what she’s been up to, but she appeared again last night. Food flying in all directions, as usual! I’m so relieved.


    That’s excellent news Nic, I told you she’d be up to no good, I bet she’s got herself a toy boy!

    Don’t be fooled by the incredibly cute Nagini. I used to feel a bit sorry for her being landed with the name of Lord Voldemort’s snake, but it actually rather suits her. I glanced out onto the patio the other evening at around 7.00pm, to spot her creeping along the floor towards an empty feeding station, which I had left in the middle of the patio whilst cleaning up the usual mess. I quickly grabbed a bowl, dutifully topped it up and carefully lifted the lid of the feeding station, only to be greeted with loud hissing. I can’t say that I blame her, she had probably got up early in a bid to avoid all the male attention, only to find an empty larder. Anyway, she must have been very hungry because she tucked straight in despite the human intrusion.

    I love this photo of her from last year…she really does look like a little devil!

Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)

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