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Update on Hedgehog in hospital

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    I have an update on my injured hedgehog, sadly the leg had to be amputated
    but it has made a full recovery. Oak and Furrows said he was well enough
    to come back but they are not releasing any animals at the moment due to
    the heat wave. They have had so many animals in with heat related problems. Hopefully I can have him back next week if it gets a bit cooler. I want him to roam wild again. They said he should be able to manage as it is his back let he has lost. If he stays in my garden he will be fine, he will have access to food and water at all times and a choice of hedgehog houses. Last night I watched two hedgehogs visiting the feed station.


    Hi Pauline,

    Glad your hog has made a full recovery and I’m sure you will have him back soon and he will be roaming happily in your garden which sounds like a hog des res.

    Sadly I had to take an injured hog in to our local rescue centre recently but it wasn’t a happy ending but at least he was made comfortable in his final hours and was given pain relief so was spared from more pain.


    Hedgehog is now back in his garden, I got him back last Thursday and released him that night. Almost straight away he got in to a fight with another hog who pushed him down the garden path. Oak and furrows also gave me a female who was going stir crazy in her cage and desperate to get out. I put her in a release pen with the door blocked off with the aim to release her as soon as it got dark. She had other ideas and managed to ram her way out. She hid behind the log pile for a while and then disappeared to start her new life. I don’t believe in marking my hogs so if I did get her on the cameras I would not know if it is her.

    I was away for the weekend and had my father restocking the feeding and water stations while I was away. Last night was my first opportunity to see
    what was going on with the hogs. My little three legged friend turned up first
    and went in to the feeding station. Then 2 more hogs turned up and both went in the feeding station at the same time so I ended up with 3 hogs in the feeding station. There was lots of growling going on. They come out one by one with me looking on with my night scope. The three legged one quickly scampered off but the other 2 had a fight. As my garden is on slope, when the hogs fight they end up rolling down towards me.

    At least the three legged one is trying to stay out of trouble.


    So pleased your 3 legged friend is doing well. We took an injured hoggie to the vet and he too had a back leg amputated. We also released him back but we haven’t seen him again and I have been upset about it but I am pleased to hear they still do OK.


    Hi Pauline,

    Also glad to hear you have your 3 legged hoggie back and simbo65 i hope your hoggie is ok but, and its nautral to be upset, you most defintiely did the right thing.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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