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Update on Hedgehog

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    Just thought I’d give an update on the sighting of the hedgehog that I saw in my garden about a month ago. Well she is still here and am happy to say she has had babies. Each night I have sat out in my garden to watch her and to make sure that she is ok, which she is. She was coming out between 9.30 and 10. going to her food station which we made, then afterwards mooching about for awhile before going back to her nest. At first I wasn’t sure if she had, had babies until about a week ago when there was a lot of noise coming from her nest and I knew that there wasn’t just her in there and I was right cos I saw her coming out of the hedgehog hogilo that we brought her and going to her food station. Then 3 nights ago as I was sitting on my rock, she came out and went straight passed me, she was that close I could see her lovely eyes, I couldn’t believe it but what happened next made me feel so blessed, a little baby came out, a bit wobbly on his feet, came right up to me sniffed me and then mooched about for about 5 mins before he went back into the nest. I couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the night. Same thing happened the next night. Last night, I sat on my rock and to my surprise the little baby came out first, then Millie ( the Mum ) walked straight to me sniffed me and then went on to her food station leaving her baby behind who proceeded to come on my foot licking my skin, it took all I had not to move or giggle, then another baby came out, it was smaller than the one on my foot and not as confident. It was a wonderful moment to say the least, and I feel so privileged. I do have a question though, although Millie ( Mum ) has got a food station do I put a separate one out for the babies with some water in it or any food and if so what food do I put out for them and how much ? For Millie I put out fresh water, some adult cat food mixed with proper hedgehog food which she loves. I just don’t want to do anything that I shouldn’t. If you could give any advice I’d be grateful.



    Don’t split the food for the hoglets because Mum is actually showing them where the food is (and the water) so until they leave home (won’t be long) leave everything as is. New hoglets aren’t very good at hunting to begin with and need Mum’s guidance. Even when they’ve left home their hunting strategies can be pretty pathetic to start with and funny to watch. I’ve got a vid of pathetic haphazard hunting somewhere, I’ll try and find it.


    Thanks William for letting me know. Would love to see the Vid.


    Here you go, this chap has only just left mummy and really hasn’t a clue. Totally haphazard hunting, no strategy, just scattergunning the lawn when just out of shot is the dish of hog food that Mum showed him the previous week. A couple of nights later he emerged and went straight for it before doing a much more methodical search of the lawn!


    That is so precious, and has made me think one of our little ones may have only just left it’s mum too! Thank you for sharing 🙏🦔

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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