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Very itchy hedgehog

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    Hello again,
    I hope I can find some advice here. I tried to search on previous posts but couldn’t find a similar topic.
    Since Monday we have one hog coming to eat (we hope it hibernated in the hedgehog house we made – second year and going strong thanks to this forum’s friendly advice!).
    To the point: in the camera for the past days including tonight, it seems to be having a hard time scratching/itching some ticks away. We observe some hogs in our garden since 2018 but first time seeing a hog that has a really bad itch.
    It is eating one tin of wet dog food/night and drinks plenty of fresh water.
    Our plan is to observe for some more nights. Should we do anything, and for how long more the itch is a concern that requires rescuing and taking to specialist vet (we know one here in Liverpool that helped us from a BHPS contact)


    Oops pressed submit without saying: “thanks in advance” 🙂

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    Hi The Gallaghers

    It’s possible that it picked up a load of ticks during hibernation. In that case they may drop off but if there are lots, and you are worried, it would probably be worth ringing a carer/rehabilitator and describe the situation more precisely to them and take their advice. Likewise if you think the scratching is excessive, you could describe the amount and nature of the scratching – there are other things which can cause them to scratch. I suggest you ring a carer/rehabilitator in the first instance rather than a vet because they will be familiar with that sort of problem and it may not be something that warrants a visit to a vet, but they will be able to advise.

    Good luck.


    Hi Nic, thank you for your reply and apologies for my delayed “thank you” note. Since crisis started it has been hectic at work and I couldn’t join the Forum. I hope you are well.

    I just wanted to update that we continued observing the itchy hog over some weeks and now it doesn’t have that itchiness any longer!

    Unfortunately the contact to rehabilitation centre came as no answer (two different contacts by email). I think as you said, it would have been the case of coming back from hibernation with lots of ticks but now they’re gone.

    So a happy and hopefully healthy hog around every night!
    Thank you as always!

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    Hi The Gallaghers

    Thanks for the thanks! Always happy to help. Yes, thanks, hope you are keeping well, too.

    Really pleased to hear that the itchy hog is no longer itchy. It is a bit of a problem with carers/rehabilitators. I imagine some of them haven’t got as many volunteers as usual with possibly not the space for social distancing, etc.

    Brilliant that the hog is still visiting every night. Nothing like seeing hogs to cheer us all up! In case you missed this a while back from the skillipigs:…..-you-may-download-this-image-copyright-free-to-send-to-a-friend-who-is-need-of-a-bit-of-a-boost-at-this-time.-cards-available-for-purchase-or-we-can-post-for-you-if-you-to-a-friend-with-a-message-inside-contact-us.html#8230


    Hi Nic, thank you for sharing skillipigs artwork, it is really lovely!
    Ps: now another hedgehog came to visit (slightly bump of heads and curling type of thing between them inside the feeding station haha), so another reason to keep us smiling!


    Thank you both for the posts. I have three Hedgehogs visiting but one of them is constantly scratching and has patchy fur around the face. I will keep an eye and see if the scratching improves in the next week as suggested. If no improvement I will try to find a local rehabilitator for some advice.


    If it’s got patchy fur it’s likely got either ringworm or mites. I suggest you catch it and then contact your nearest carer.
    Either problem can be cured – one more easily than the other!

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