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what food

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    Lots of hogtivity on my patio last night with hogs coming and going.. I have seen two together one slightly bigger thatn the other. Being new to this not sure if one is male and one female.. I put out cat biscuits and some cherries last night.. oh and water they left the cherries..! but drank all the water..
    Can they have wet cat food? If so what type can they have the fish ones, beef ones? I read they should not have processed meat but wet cat food is surely processed.
    Cant find a search option on here to search for feeding guides so any help would be appreciated…


    They won’t eat cherries, although the birds will love them
    Definitely leave water as they drink a lot of it
    They can have any cat food although I’d steer clear of anything in gravy. Wet cat food however does tend to give them loose poo and the smell will attract other animals. You would be better putting out dried cat or small dog food.
    Remember you are only supplementing their diet so they will be eating their normal diet hopefully too


    I like Ark hedgehog food it is a dry food and it doesn’t attract flies. I buy 20 kg at a time and this week a fox cub has been eating it. So this week I have been putting out dog food which the hedgehogs have been eating as well.


    Hi Stef, I changed my brand of wet dog food to a slightly cheaper brand – as I discovered that the supermarkets have their own brands of dog food – thought I’d give it a go and see if they like it – and it’s going down a treat, a least all of it gets eaten now, whereas before, on occasion some of it would get left.

    (it does look quite yummy).

    Anyway, I’m sure it was Nic who said this, (might have been someone else) that gravy was still okay?

    Also there is mixed advice on fish flavoured, as some websites say no, but then I heard on here (possibly again by Nic (poor Nic he’s getting all the blame here)), that it’s okay now to use fish flavoured wet food – and I read on a website once that fish flavoured might help the hogs smell it better, and find the food?

    None of this concerns me as I have always stuck to Chicken in Jelly dog food regardless of the brand and they do enjoy it), I was just asking as sometimes there can be contradictory advice.

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    Re. Fish and gravy – Vale Wildlife, although I probably provided the link:


    On the table at the end of the article, is it suggesting that puppy food (wet) is best. It didn’t give the stats for adult dog food?

    But anyway, it doesn’t matter for me, as I’m just gonna stick to what I’ve been feeding them – as they’ve got used to it. However, I will consider puppy food as I might not have to waste as much time mashing it up? but it would cost a little bit more.

    Funny, I thought I’d give my mum’s dog a treat today and got her some Roast Dinner Lily’s chicken in a little square tin, as my mum gives her the same dog biscuits every day, and I’d thought she’d love something different – we’ll she didn’t like it at all, and refused to eat her biscuits, I even pretended to eat some (yes I know but it works with her), and she just stepped back if to say ‘you’re welcome’.

    Funny when you buy posher brands, and the animals just don’t like it. I think it was because it had too many ingredients in it, things dogs don’t typically eat. It’s funny how packaging can appeal to us, and how we decide, due to the packaging, if it’s going to be delicious or not for the animals.

    But I have bought Polly a recipe book, just for treats written by Lilly’s Kitchen, which I think she’ll like a couple of the recipes from it, the cheesy treats.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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