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Where to locate hog house and noise levels in garden

Home Forums Champions’ chat Where to locate hog house and noise levels in garden

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    Hello! I am very new to this, since we have bought a wildlife cam we have been very excited seeing hog visitors to our garden. The known hedgehog hole into the garden is the other end to where I am hoping to set up homes for the hogs,I am making a corner of the garden wild and overgrown with various log piles etc, and now have 2 hog houses to put in the garden, I have 2 questions:

    1) I have found 2 areas where I think will be the best places for the houses, however they are under bushes next to the lawn. I am concerned about the level of noise from the lawnmower? Will this scare the hogs?
    2) Also as summer is here and when lockdown ends we will have visitors to the garden, Even though the houses will be hidden I am worried about noise levels during the day for potentially sleeping hogs.

    Does anyone have any advice please?


    I have 2 nesting in my garden and i have found that it is best not to ‘tip toe’ around them, a bit like when you have young babies.I dont go out of my way to make a lot of noise, and sub consiously, i proberbly am more carfefull not to make to much noise, but both boxes are next to my house,with lots of plants and shelter around them and we are in and out quite regularly, and talk normaly on the patio.i havent had any dissapear yet.Alot of hogs live near roads in bushes and have cars going past every 5 mins, so i guess they will get used to noise.
    But i am not an expert in any way, so this is just what i have experienced.


    Thank you, we have now found locations for both hog houses, one under a bush next to fence, and one behind a tree where I can’t reach to garden so is fairly wild. Will just carry on as normal in the garden, as current nesting spots for the hogs might be more noisy than our garden anyway!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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