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White patches

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    Hi I was hoping to get a bit of advice please. we have multiple hedgehogs in our garden every night. We started with one which turned up last year still with white spikes and very small. Over the last year we have realised the original one is deaf and not quite the full ticket. He/she comes out any time of the day or night and wanders up to our feet (only us and will hide if strangers around) he wasn’t able to.climb when he arrived in the garden and clearly didn’t know much about how to “hedgehog” we got a hedgehog house for him in the garden and then another when the others showed up. They are fed every night with cat wet food (not fish flavour) and go cat biscuits (we tried hedgehog biscuits but they won’t eat them we’ve also tried soaking them with the same results) I’ve taken this picture and the deaf one (well we assume it’s him due to no fear etc) has got these white patches appeared on him. Do you know what it could be? Could it be a lack of something in his diet or injury fleas etc. We have fake grass so not many worms but they all munch on snails from the shrubs but never slugs. Thankyou ๐Ÿ™‚ *I’ve put the picture as my profile as no idea how else to.upload it *


    I can’t see your picture properly but it’s likely that either someone has painted him or it’s ringworm or mites. I would suggest contacting your nearest carer and talking to them about it/taking it to them to look at.
    Both are treatable
    BTW it sounds as if it’s not deaf if it easily differentiates strangers – they often give the impression of being both blind and deaf when approached by people
    Keep up the feeding – don’t worry if it’s fish flavoured it doesn’t matter


    Thanks for the advice. I’m pretty sure it’s not paint as had such a close look. Possibly could be mites etc although didn’t see any of the usual signs… As far as him being deaf it’s not so much him recognising us it’s more that in the past we have come in the garden and stood behind him and when he turned round nearly had a heart attack as didn’t know we were there. Also was another occasion when the metal water bowl had been picked up to clean and I dropped it by accident about 2 foot from him onto the concrete and he didn’t even look up from his snack ๐Ÿ˜… all the others hear our back door opening and turn to check who it is but he just continues what he’s doing.


    I would be interested in any answers too. I have a heggie who has similar patches they show up very white on infrared. I eventually found him at the garden feeding station. It doesn’t look like ringworm or mites and doesn’t seem to get worse. The quills look a bit dry and discoloured but none falling out, so I left him alone.

    Any ideas? I have F10

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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